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Volantis.svg Captain
  • Tessario the Tiger
  • Tessario the Thumb
Title Captain of the Fingers
Culture Volantene
Died 135 AC
King's Landing

Tessario, known as Tessario the Tiger and later Tessario the Thumb, was a sellsword from the free city of Volantis.[1]

Appearance and Character

Tessario had tiger stripes tattooed across his face and back, implying he once served as a tiger cloak in the free city of Volantis. He was foul mouthed, brash and quick tempered.[1]


Tessario was employed in the service of Lord Unwin Peake during the early reign of King Aegon III Targaryen. After Unwin became Hand of the King, Tessario was made the captain of Lord Peake's personal guard, known as the Fingers. Mushroom mocked him as Tessario the Thumb in reference to the name of the Hand's guard. Tessario is considered by Maester Yandel to be the most likely suspect in the murder of Queen Jaehaera Targaryen.[2][1]

Tessario killed Ser Robin Massey, a knight Aegon III wanted to name to the Kingsguard, over a horse that both men wished to purchase. King Aegon III strongly disliked Tessario and the Fingers.[1]

Tessario was banned from the Mermaid by Roggerio Rogare when Tessario struck one of the prostitutes there. After the events of the secret siege, Tessario was named by Lord George Graceford as being involved in a plot against House Rogare. He was arrested at a tavern near the River Gate, trying to gain passage on an Ibbenese whaler to flee to the Port of Ibben. Under torture and interrogation, he confessed to wanting the Rogares dead, stating he did it for gold, girls and vengeance, being promised the manhood and life of Roggerio and ownership of his brothel. When asked who promised him this, he only grinned. He was tortured more and named several other names before dying, although Lord Unwin Peake was not one of the names he gave up.[3]


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