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The Fingers, also called the Hand's Fingers, were the personal guards of two Hands of the King during the regency of Aegon III.[1]


Lord Unwin Peake was suspicious and untrusting. When he became Hand of the King to Aegon III Targaryen in 133 AC, Unwin hired mercenaries with no competing loyalties and paid them lavishly in gold. Unwin's personal guard became known as his "Fingers" since there were ten of them and he was the King's Hand. Their captain was Tessario the Tiger, an adventurer from Volantis, although Mushroom mocked him as Tessario the Thumb.[1] Aegon disliked the sellswords.[1]

On the feast day of the Father in 133 AC, the Fingers aided the King's Justice, Ser Victor Risley, in beheading prisoners at the Red Keep's gates.[1] Mushroom suggested that Ser Mervyn Flowers might have allowed one of the Fingers to enter the bedchamber of Queen Jaehaera Targaryen and thrown the girl to her death.[1] When Lord Peake resigned as the Hand in 134 AC, he bequeathed his guard to his successor, Lord Thaddeus Rowan.[2]

When Ser Mervyn ordered the arrest of Lord Rowan during the Lysene Spring, the Fingers did nothing to protect the Hand.[3] After a conspiracy against Aegon and Prince Viserys Targaryen was uncovered, the surviving Fingers were allowed by the new Hand, Lord Torrhen Manderly, to join the Night's Watch.[3]


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