Wendell Webber

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Wendell Webber
Title Ser
Allegiance House Webber
Book(s) The Sworn Sword (mentioned)

Ser Wendell Webber was a knight of House Webber during the reign of Aerys I Targaryen. He was the cousin of former head of house Lord Wyman Webber. He was married to the sister of Lord Rowan of Goldengrove. He and his wife had many sons and daughters.[1]

Appearance and Character

He was a short, bald man with a goiter on his neck. He had a problem with flatulence. He was grasping and stupid.[1]


His cousin, Lord Wyman, dictated in his will that his daughter Lady Rohanne Webber must be married before the second anniversary of his death or Coldmoat and lands will go to Ser Wendell.[1]