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House Royce.svgAlayne RoyceHouse Royce.svg
Allegiance House Royce
Culture Valemen
Died 54 AC[1]
Father Allard Royce

Alayne Royce was a noblewoman of House Royce in the reigns of kings Aenys I,[2] Maegor I, and Jaehaerys I Targaryen.[3]

Appearance and Character

Alayne was plump and homely.[2]


The Four-Headed Beast: Rhaena Targaryen, Elissa Farman, Samantha Stokeworth, and Alayne Royce, by Warp Speed ©

Alayne was the daughter of Lord Allard Royce of Runestone. She became the favorite of Princess Rhaena Targaryen, who cherished her so much that she sometimes took Alayne flying on the back of her dragon, Dreamfyre.[2]

During Prince Aegon and Princess Rhaena's royal progress, Alayne and Melony Piper were the only lady companions of the princess who stayed loyal to her after King Maegor I Targaryen usurped the inheritance of Prince Aegon.[2]

Alayne arrived on Fair Isle at the beginning of 49 AC for Rhaena's wedding to Androw Farman.[3] She stayed with the princess at Faircastle, where she, Rhaena, Samantha Stokeworth, and Elissa Farman became nigh inseparable and often rode Dreamfyre together. Ser Franklyn Farman dubbed the four friends, "the Four-Headed Beast".[4]

When Rhaena left Fair Isle upon the ascension of Lord Franklyn, Alayne came with her to her new court upon Dragonstone. After Elissa betrayed the princess with her theft of Dreamfyre's dragon eggs, Alayne observed that the marriage between Rhaena and Androw had become loveless.[1]

Alayne died at the end of 54 AC. At first, it was thought she had died of an illness. Later, it was revealed that she had been poisoned by Androw Farman, who was jealous of Rhaena's friendships with her ladies and weary of their mockery toward him.[1]


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