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Androw Farman
House Farman.svg
Allegiance House Farman
Culture Westermen
Born In 32 AC[1]
Died In 54 AC, at Dragonstone
Spouse Princess Rhaena Targaryen
Book(s) Fire & Blood (mentioned)
The Sons of the Dragon (mentioned)

Androw Farman was a member of House Farman. He was the second son of Lord Marq Farman of Fair Isle.

Appearance and Character

Androw was described as comely at seventeen. Due to drinking heavily, he became puffy-faced, round-shouldered and fleshy by the age of twenty-two. He was a timid, unremarkable and uncertain man who could neither read nor write.[1]

Androw was known to spend whole days in the Chamber of the Painted Table at Dragonstone, moving painted wooden soldiers around the map.[1]


Androw was a failed squire in his youth, possessing no skill at arms. Although he was raised on an island he could not swim nor sail a ship. In 47 AC his father hosted Princess Rhaena Targaryen. They grew more than fond of each other during the princess's stay at Faircastle.[2] They married in 49 AC during the reign of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen; Lord Farman's maester, Smike, speculated that the princess had only wed Androw not because she loved him, but instead because of her love for his sister Elissa. However, there were tensions between the couple and Androw's brother Ser Franklyn Farman, who became Lord of Fair Isle after their father died. They were forced to leave with Androw's sister Elissa in 50 AC.[3]

After his sister Elissa had fled Dragonstone, it was later discovered she had stolen three dragon eggs from Rhaena. Furious at the betrayal, Rhaena summoned her husband and demanded to know if he knew anything. His tearful denials only enraged Rhaena further. He had offered to accompany her to see Jaehaerys at King's Landing following the theft of the eggs, but she scornfully refused. The marriage between the two, though never passionate, became loveless. Androw became lonely after his sister left, being his only true friend and companion in life.[1]

Other lords ignored him when they visited Rhaena. He sat at his wife's side at meals but did not share her bed; that honor went to her companions and favorites. They slept apart in different towers, and though the gossip at Dragonstone was that his wife was even wont to say he should find a pretty maid to share his bed, he never did. Having no skill at arms, he would remain abed while knights trained in the yard. He could neither read nor write. Though Androw could ride a horse passably well, trotting around the yard, he was too timid to leave the castle. He drank a great deal; men at Dragonstone paid him no mind; the ladies tittered about him behind his back; servants sometimes ignored his commands; children taunted him, the cruelest being his step-daughter Aerea Targaryen, who once threw the contents of a chamberpot over his head just because she was angry at her mother. When Rhaena dismissed Ser Merrell Bullock, Androw asked her to make him the new commander of the garrison in his place. She and her ladies burst out laughing at the request.[1]

When news came in 54 AC, which would become known as the Year of the Stranger, that Rhaena's mothers health was failing, Androw announced he would accompany Rhaena to Storm's End so he could comfort her. Rhaena refused his company as she had before, and not gently. A loud argument preceded her departure.[1]

At the end of 54 AC, Cassella Staunton, Septa Maryam, Alayne Royce, Lianna Velaryon, Samantha Stokeworth, and Maester Culiper died at Dragonstone from a mysterious epidemic that, aside from Culiper, only killed women. The castle closed its gates to protect others, and the royal fleet quarantined the island. When the king and his small council discussed the epidemic, Lord Rego Draz recognized the symptoms as those of poison, the tears of Lys. The poisoner was Androw, jealous of his wife's friendships with her ladies and tired of their mockery; he also killed Maester Anselm with a dagger. Androw confessed to Rhaena in the Chamber of the Painted Table before jumping from the room's window, denying her revenge against him. Rhaena ordered his body recovered and had it cut into pieces and fed to her dragons.[1]

Quotes by Androw

I brought them cups of wine, and they drank. They thanked me, and they drank. Why not? A cupbearer, a serving man, that is how they saw me. Androw the sweet, Androw the jape.[1]

—Androw confessing to Rhaena Targaryen just before committing suicide

Quotes about Androw

The wrong Farman ran away.[1]

Rhaena Targaryen yelling at Androw


Lord Farman


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