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Androw Farman by Riotarttherite.jpg
Androw Farman, by Riotarttherite ©

Allegiance House Farman
Culture Westermen
Born 32 AC[1]
Died 54 AC
Father Marq Farman
Spouse Queen Rhaena Targaryen

Androw Farman was a member of House Farman during the reign of kings Maegor I and Jaehaerys I Targaryen. He was the second son of Lord Marq Farman of Fair Isle.

Appearance and Character

Androw was described as comely and amiable at seventeen, with pale blue eyes and long flaxen hair.[2] Due to drinking heavily, by the age of twenty-two he became puffy-faced, round-shouldered, and fleshy.[1]

Androw was a timid, unremarkable, and uncertain man, who could barely read nor write. Even at his own father's court, there were those who scorned him as "half a girl", as he was softly spoken and had a gentle nature.[2] Although Androw was raised on an island, he could not swim, nor sail a ship, nor did he fish.[1] Still, his father was known to have a great fondness for Androw, despite his deficiencies.[2]

Androw was known to spend whole days in the Chamber of the Painted Table at Dragonstone, moving painted wooden soldiers around the map.[1]


Androw Farman, with his wife Queen Rhaena Targaryen, and his sister Elissa Farman, by Naomimakesart ©

Androw was a failed squire in his youth, possessing no skill at arms.[2] His father had considered sending him to Oldtown to become a maester, until his own maester told him that Androw was simply not clever enough.[2]

From 4347 AC, Marq Farman hosted Princess Rhaena Targaryen on Fair Isle. Rhaena and Androw reportedly grew more than fond of each other during the princess's stay at Faircastle.[3] After the death of Rhaena's second husband, King Maegor I Targaryen, and the ascension of her brother, King Jaehaerys I Targaryen, Queen Rhaena returned to Fair Isle in 48 AC. She and Androw married in the second week of 49 AC, in a quick and small ceremony. Lord Marq presided over the wedding, and Lord Lyman Lannister, his wife, Lady Jocasta, and two of Rhaena's friends, Samantha Stokeworth and Alayne Royce, attended the wedding. Rhaena was twenty-six and twice widowed, and Androw was seventeen. He was said to be utterly besotted with his new wife.[4]

As the second son of a minor lord, Androw was not considered particularly worthy of a former queen and the mother of the king's heir.[4] When asked why she had chosen such an unpromising husband, Rhaena replied that he had been kind to her.[2] Some wondered if perhaps Rhaena married Androw to repay Marq Farman for his kindnesses in sheltering her from King Maegor I Targaryen, for Lord Farman was fond of his son. However, Lord Farman's maester, Smike, speculated that the princess had wed Androw not because she loved him, but because she had fallen in love with his sister Elissa. Elissa, Rhaena, and Rhaena's other companions Alayne Royce and Samantha Stokeworth were very close, to the point they were called "the Four-Headed Beast". Rhaena would frequently take her ladies flying on the back of her dragon Dreamfyre. Though Androw was admitted within their circle, he was never considered a fifth head, and never went flying with Rhaena. It is possible that Rhaena offered, but Androw was not adventurous enough to agree.[2]

Androw gazes at his wife Queen Rhaena Targaryen, and his sister Elissa Farman, by Riotarttherite ©

There were tensions between the couple and Androw's brother Ser Franklyn Farman. A fortnight after Rhaena and Androw's first anniversary in 50 AC, Marq Farman died, and Franklyn became Lord of Fair Isle. He immediately commanded Androw and Rhaena to leave Fair Isle, but to leave Elissa behind. Androw, angered, offered to face his brother in single combat, but Rhaena gently dissuaded him, saying he was no match for Franklyn and she did not wish to be widowed again. Rhaena, Androw, and Elissa fled the island for Casterly Rock, along with Rhaena's entourage. At Casterly Rock, while Lord Lyman Lannister and his wife Jocasta were openly hospitable, it became apparent the couple were being spied upon. A castle septa asked if the marriage had ever been consummated, and who had witnessed the bedding. Ser Tyler Hill, Lyman's bastard son, was openly scornful of Androw and tried to charm Rhaena. The Lannisters also suggested a way to repay them would be to give them one of Dreamfyre's eggs.[2]

Rhaena and her court took their leave of Casterly Rock and traveled the westerlands and riverlands, where Androw found himself forgotten and ignored by their hosts, and Rhaena discovered they all feared Dreamfyre or desired her eggs. In 51 AC, Rhaena visited King's Landing to attend the second wedding of her siblings King Jaehaerys and Queen Alysanne, and explained her difficulties. She was eventually granted Dragonstone as her own seat.[5]

However, on Dragonstone, Androw found life to be no better. Rhaena was called the "Queen in the East", but nobody considered him a king, or even a lord consort. He sat at his wife's side at meals, but did not share her bed; that honor went to her companions and favorites. They slept apart in different towers, and though the gossip at Dragonstone was that his wife told him he should find a pretty maid to share his bed, he never did. Having no skill at arms, he would remain abed while knights trained in the yard. He could neither read nor write, so could not enjoy the Dragonstone library. Though Androw could ride a horse passably well, and would trot around the yard, he was too timid to leave the castle to explore the island. Men at Dragonstone paid him no mind; the ladies laughed at him behind his back; servants sometimes ignored his commands. Children taunted him, the cruelest being his step-daughter Aerea Targaryen, who once threw the contents of a chamber pot over his head just because she was angry at her mother. Androw drank a great deal, and was known to spend whole days in the Chamber of the Painted Table, moving painted wooden soldiers around the map. Rhaena's companions would joke that he was planning his conquest of Westeros.[1]

Androw confronts Rhaena Targaryen while Lianna Velaryon dies in her arms, as depicted by Douglas Wheatley in Fire & Blood.

Androw's loneliness and discontent only grew worse after his sister Elissa Farman fled Dragonstone in 54 AC, as she had been his closest friend, perhaps his only friend. When it was later discovered Elissa had stolen three dragon eggs from the Dragonstone hatcheries, Rhaena summoned Androw and furiously demanded to know if he knew anything about his sister's betrayal. His tearful denials only enraged Rhaena further, and she found it hard to believe he had played no role in the crime. Androw offered to accompany her to see King Jaehaerys at King's Landing to report the theft of the eggs, but she scornfully refused, saying he was incapable of anything but falling off the dragon. After the theft, Rhaena dismissed Ser Merrell Bullock, and Androw asked her to make him the new commander of the garrison in his place. She and her ladies burst out laughing at the request.[1]

When news arrived that Rhaena's mother's health was failing, Androw announced he would accompany Rhaena to Storm's End so he could comfort her, as a husband should. Rhaena refused his offer as she had before, and not gently. A loud argument preceded her departure. By the time Rhaena returned from her mother's deathbed, Androw no longer had any desire to comfort her. The marriage between the two, though never passionate, became loveless. Alayne Royce called it a mummer's farce, "and not an entertaining one." Sullen and cold, Androw sat silent at meals and avoided his wife's company. Rhaena was not bothered by his sulks, finding comfort in her ladies instead, both old and new.[1]

At the end of 54 AC, a mysterious epidemic came to Dragonstone. The elderly Maester Culiper was the first to die, followed by Rhaena's ladies Cassella Staunton, Septa Maryam, Alayne Royce, and Samantha Stokeworth. Aside from Culiper, the disease only killed women, striking down Rhaena's friends and dear companions. The castle closed its gates to protect others, and the royal fleet quarantined the island. When Rhaena's young cousin Lianna Velaryon died in her arms, Andrew saw her weeping and asked if she would weep for him the same way. Rhaena struck him across the face and told him to leave her, as she wished to be alone. He replied that she would be, as Lianna was the last of them.[1]

When King Jaehaerys and his small council discussed the epidemic, Lord Rego Draz recognized the symptoms as those of poison, the tears of Lys. As soon as Rhaena read the message from King's Landing, she knew that the poisoner was Androw. Her guards tried to find him within the castle, and discovered Maester Anselm, stabbed in the back with a dagger. Androw was finally tracked down within the Chamber of the Painted Table, where he confessed to Rhaena that he had been jealous of her friendships with her ladies and tired of their mockery, and frustrated that he had never been seen as a true husband to her. Rhaena did not reply, but ordered her guards that Androw be gelded, and his penis and testicles fed to him. Androw leaped from the room's window, denying her revenge. Rhaena had his body cut into pieces and fed to her dragons. Afterwards, just the mention of his name would provoke her to fits of rage.[1]

Quotes by Androw

You weep for her, but would you weep for me?[1]

—Androw to Rhaena Targaryen

You shall be. She was the last of them.[1]

—Androw to Rhaena Targaryen, when she demanded to be left alone

I brought them cups of wine, and they drank. They thanked me, and they drank. Why not? A cupbearer, a serving man, that's how they saw me. Androw the sweet. Androw the jape. What could I do, but fall off the dragon? Well, I could have done a lot of things. I could have been a lord. I could have made laws and been wise and given you counsel. I could have killed your enemies, as easily as I killed your friends. I could have given you children.[1]

—Androw, confessing to Rhaena Targaryen

My wife can fly, and so can I.[1]

—Androw, just before committing suicide

Quotes about Androw

The wrong Farman ran away.[1]

Rhaena Targaryen, yelling at Androw

Just as a stone thrown into a pond will send out ripples in all directions, the evil that Androw Farman had wrought would spread across the land, touching and twisting the lives of others long after the dragons were done feasting on his blackened, smoking remains.[1]

—writings of Gyldayn

I wish you luck if you should try to "see off" the Black Dread. Balerion quite enjoyed your brother, by now he may desire another course.[6]

I fed my last husband to my dragon. If you make me take another, I may eat him myself.[6]


Lord Farman


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