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The Chamber of the Painted Table by Mariusz Gandzell . © FFG

The Chamber of the Painted Table, located on the top floor of the Stone Drum in Dragonstone, is a round room, with four tall windows, overlooking the north, south, east and west.

The Painted Table

The chamber holds a large table, carved and painted in the form of a detailed map of Westeros. Here, Aegon the Conqueror planned for the Invasion of Westeros.[1]

The painted table is more than fifty feet long: roughly twenty-five feet wide at its widest point and four feet at its thinnest. At the precise location of Dragonstone is a raised seat that allows the occupant to view the entire map. It is covered by over 300 years of varnish.[2]


His shadow went before him, tall and thin, and fell across the Painted Table like a sword.

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