Lord Staunton (father of Cassella)

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House Staunton.svgLord StauntonHouse Staunton.svg
Title Lord of Rook's Rest
Allegiance House Staunton
Culture Crownlands
Died 59 AC
Rook's Rest[1]

Lord Staunton was the Lord of Rook's Rest and the head of House Staunton during the reign of kings Maegor I Targaryen and Jaehaerys I Targaryen. His given name is unknown.


When the high lords of the realm began revolting against King Maegor I Targaryen in 48 AC, a score of lesser lords gathered at King's Landing at Maegor's command, including Lord Staunton. However, their numbers were few and many soon lost heart. Shortly after, Maegor was found dead upon the Iron Throne and Prince Jaehaerys claimed his uncle's throne.[3] In the chaos that followed Maegor's death, many lords fled the capital but Lord Staunton remained.[4] Along with Lord Jordan Towers and Lord Darklyn, he yielded the Red Keep to Prince Jaehaerys, Princess Rhaena, and Princess Alysanne Targaryen. The three lords were sent to the black cells, but were eventually pardoned by King Jaehaerys I after surrendering some of their land and sending a child to court to serve as hostage.[5]

In 50 AC, Lord Staunton was among the lords who visited Jaehaerys at Dragonstone. This displeased Jaehaerys' Hand, Lord Rogar Baratheon, who referred to them as the "lords lickspittle".[6]

Lord Staunton's daughter, Cassella, became a companion to Princess Rhaena on Dragonstone in 54 AC. She died of poison that same year, however.[2] Five years later, Lord Staunton, his lady wife and his remaining children died in their castle of the Shivers.[1]


Lord Staunton had several children, including Cassella.[2][1] His relation to Simon Staunton, a young squire at Jaehaerys I's court is unknown.


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