Lord of the Last Hearth

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Lord of the Last Hearth[1][2] is a title held by the head of House Umber, the ruler of the Last Hearth in the north.[2]

The north and the location of the Last Hearth
The north and the location of the Last Hearth
Last Hearth
The north and the location of the Last Hearth


House Umber once ruled as First Men kings but they were reduced to vassals of House Stark by the Kings of Winter.[3]

The Lord Umber ruling in 58 AC hosted Queen Alysanne Targaryen when she visited the Last Hearth on her way from Winterfell to the Wall.[4]

Lord Jon Umber was wed to Serena Stark, the granddaughter of Lord Cregan Stark.[5][6]

Lord Osric Umber was wed to Arrana Stark, the daughter of Lady Serena Stark.[5][6]

Lord Harmond Umber helped Lord Willam Stark and his brother Artos Stark defeat King Raymun Redbeard in a battle at Long Lake.[7]

Lord Hoarfrost Umber sent his youngest son, Hother, to the Citadel to become a maester.[8]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Lord Jon Umber leads his men when Robb Stark calls the bannermen of House Stark to Winterfell. At first he challenges the young man's authority, threatening to take his forces home if he is placed behind Lords Halys Hornwood or Medger Cerwyn in the order of march. After being called out by Robb, the Greatjon draws his sword, only to have the direwolf Grey Wind knock the sword from his hands and bite off two fingers. Impressed with Robb's courage, the Greatjon makes a joke of it instead of becoming angry and becomes Robb's greatest champion.[9]

Lord Jon participates in the battles of the Whispering Wood and the Camps, where he sets fire to the Ser Jaime Lannister's siege towers.[10][11] After Riverrun is relieved and news of Lord Eddard Stark's death arrives, the Greatjon is the first to declare Robb the King in the North.[12]

A Clash of Kings

After participating in the Battle of Oxcross, the Greatjon goes on to capture the gold mines at Castamere, Nunn's Deep, and the Pendric Hills.[13]

A Storm of Swords

After Robb breaks his marriage contract with the Freys, Greatjon Umber offers to make marriage contracts for his uncles, Mors and Hother, in Robb's place.[14] In Robb's plan to retake Moat Cailin from the ironborn, the Greatjon is given command of the van and told to make his diversionary attack convincing, as Robb's own force is to circle behind Moat Cailin with the guidance of the crannogmen.[15]

During the wedding feast at the Twins, the Greatjon drunkenly sings "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" while musicians perform "Flowers of Spring". He carries Edmure Tully's bride, Roslin Frey, over his shoulder and takes her from the hall as part of the bedding customs.[16]

In preparation for the Freys' betrayal of House Stark, Petyr, Merrett, and Ser Whalen Frey were tasked with getting the Greatjon too drunk to fight. Despite consuming enough alcohol to kill three normal men, when the Red Wedding begins eight men are needed to subdue the Greatjon in chains. He takes the sword of the first man to attack him, kills one, wounds two others, and bites off half the ear of Ser Leslyn Haigh.[17] His son and heir, the Smalljon, is slain during the massacre.[16]

A Feast for Crows

The Greatjon is held captive at the Twins.[1] Following the siege of Riverrun, Jaime informs Ser Edwyn Frey and Walder Rivers that the King Tommen I Baratheon requires the transfer of all captives taken by House Frey in the Red Wedding.[18]

A Dance with Dragons

With the Greatjon still a captive of the Freys, a portion of House Umber, led by his uncle Hother Whoresbane, grudgingly swears fealty to House Bolton, though according to Lord Roose Bolton their loyalty is highly dubious.[19] The other half of the Umbers, under Mors Crowfood, take up the cause of Stannis Baratheon.[20]

Known Lords of the Last Hearth


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