Otho Bracken

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Otho Bracken
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Alias The Brute of Bracken
Title Ser
Allegiance House Bracken
Culture Rivermen
Book(s) The Hedge Knight (appears)
The Sworn Sword (mentioned)
The Mystery Knight (mentioned)

Ser Otho Bracken, known as the Brute of Bracken, was a knight of House Bracken during the reign of Daeron II Targaryen.[1] He was the second son of Lord Bracken.


After slaying Lord Quentyn Blackwood in 206 AC in a tourney at King's Landing, Otho became known as "the Brute of Bracken". Although he used a blunted longaxe, Otho struck Lord Quentyn so hard that he stove in his helm's visor and the face beneath.[1]

Ser Otho participated in the tourney at Ashford Meadow in 209 AC. When Ser Duncan the Tall searched for a seventh knight for his trial of seven, Otho rejected him.[1]

Otho's older brother died in the Great Spring Sickness, which made Otho his father's new heir. In 211 AC, Otho's father was slowly dying, and Septon Sefton predicted that "The Blackwoods will never stomach the Brute of Bracken as a neighbor", insisting it would mean war.[2] Later that year, it was rumored at the wedding tourney at Whitewalls that Otho might come. He did not, however, and it was suggested that the tourney was "hardly worth the bother" for Otho.[3] At the tourney, Ser Duncan the Tall overheard a discussion between Lord Gormon Peake and an unidentified man, where the belief was expressed that Otho would have to follow the Blackfyre cause, once the Freys and Lothstons had joined it.[3]