Tyler Norcross

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House Norcross.svg Ser
Tyler Norcross
House Norcross.svg
Title Ser
Culture Reach
Died In 130 ACTumbleton[N 1]

Tyler Norcross was a knight and the head[N 2] of House Norcross during the civil war known as the Dance of the Dragons.[1]


At the start of the Dance of the Dragons, Tyler Norcross declared for King Aegon II Targaryen and the greens. Like the rest of the supporters of the greens from the Reach, he joined the host of Lord Ormund Hightower on his march to King's Landing.[2]

After the First Battle of Tumbleton and the death of Lord Ormund, the army was paralyzed in the city without a clear commander and without knowing with certainty the intentions of the Two Betrayers, Hugh Hammer and Ulf White. One night, Tyler and twelve other lords and landed knights of the Reach assembled at an inn, the Bloody Caltrops, to conspire against Hugh and Ulf. During the discussions, Tyler expressed he wanted to use Prince Daeron Targaryen's dragon, Tessarion, to retake the capital. The Second Battle of Tumbleton broke out before the Caltrops could carry out their plans, however.[3] Tyler and most of his companions died during the battle.[4][N 1]


  1. 1.0 1.1 Only three Caltrops survived the Second Battle of Tumbleton (Lord Unwin Peake, Lord George Graceford and Ser Victor Risley), Tyler was not one of them.
  2. Tyler Norcross was a member of the Caltrops, a group of conspirators only composed of lords and landed knights from the Reach (Fire & Blood, The Dying of the Dragons: Rhaenyra Overthrown). As Tyler is only referred as "Ser" in the text, it is likely he was a landed knight.


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