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Brave Companions.svgUrswyck
the Faithful
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Urswyck the Faithful TheMico.jpg
Urswyck, by TheMico ©

  • Urswyck the Faithful
  • Faithful Urswyck
Title Lieutenant
Allegiance Brave Companions
Born Westeros[1]
Spouse Deceased wife[2]

Urswyck, known as Urswyck the Faithful[2] and Faithful Urswyck,[3] is a member of the Brave Companions. He is Vargo Hoat's lieutenant.[4]


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Urswyck resembles a cadaver with red-rimmed eyes and dark veins showing in the pallid skin on his face and hands. He has thin hair and a papery laugh. Urswyck wears a tattered, ragged leather cloak.[2]


Urswyck killed his own wife.[2]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

When the Brave Companions enter Harrenhal, Arya Stark sees a sickly sellsword whose leather cloak is fringed with long blond hair.[5] Arya observes Faithful Urswyck sitting with Rorge during meals.[3]

A Storm of Swords

Urswyck leads a party of Brave Companions which encounter Ser Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth fighting each other near Maidenpool. Urswyck recognizes Jaime immediately; when Jaime offers him money from the Lannisters for his safe return and suggests that Brienne could be ransomed, he remains unmoved. Urswyck informs Jaime that the Brave Companions have changed allegiance and are now serving Lord Roose Bolton and his northmen. Urswyck has Jaime beaten for mocking the Brave Companions and he orders his new captives to be taken to Vargo Hoat.[2]

During the journey, Jaime proposes to Urswyck that he should betray Vargo and bring Jaime to King's Landing instead, where a reward as well as a royal pardon and even knighthood would await him. Urswyck remains unmoved, telling Jaime that he would be a fool to trust the word of an oathbreaker.[2]

They arrive at Vargo Hoat's camp and Rorge begins kicking Brienne. Urswyck tells him to not break any of her bones, because "the horse-faced bitch" is worth her price in sapphires, as suggested to him by Jaime. Urswyck assists when Vargo has Zollo cut off Jaime's sword hand.[2] Urswyck later hangs it on a cord around Jaime's neck.[6]

A Feast for Crows

Brienne of Tarth comes across three knowledgeable former Brave CompanionsTimeon, Shagwell, and Pyg—at the Whispers. At Harrenhal, a wound Vargo received from Brienne biting his ear festered and he became half-mad with fever. Urswyck and Rorge argued for leaving Harrenhal, but Vargo insisted his men must hold his castle. The Brave Companions eventually abandoned their leader and dispersed, with Urswyck heading towards Oldtown with a small band.[7][8] Urswyck, like many other Brave Companions, is still on the run.[4]

Quotes by Urswyck

Jaime: Gold. You do like gold?
Urswyck: It has its uses, I do confess.[2]

Jaime Lannister and Urswyck

Quotes about Urswyck

He's cleverer than he looks.[2]

—thoughts of Jaime Lannister

I warned you, Urswyck, and you, goat. When you bet against the lions, you lose more than your purse.[6]

—thoughts of Jaime Lannister