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House Lannister.svg Ser
Jaime Lannister
The Kingslayer
Mathia Arkoniel Jaime Lannister.jpg
Ser Jaime Lannister, by Mathia Arkoniel

  • Kingslayer[1]
  • The Lion of Lannister[1]
  • The golden man[2]
  • Cripple[3]
  • The Young Lion[4]
  • Goldenhand[5]
Culture Westermen
Born 266 AC[6][7]
Casterly Rock, the westerlands[6]
Father Lord Tywin Lannister
Mother Lady Joanna Lannister
Lover Queen Cersei Lannister

Played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
TV series Game of Thrones:
Season 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Jaime Lannister, also known as the Kingslayer, is a knight from House Lannister. He is the second child and first-born son of Lord Tywin Lannister of Casterly Rock and his wife, Lady Joanna, also of House Lannister. He is the twin brother of Queen Cersei Lannister.

Raised at the age of fifteen to the Kingsguard of the Mad King, Aerys II Targaryen, Jaime became the youngest member in the history of the prestigious knightly order.[8] He earned the derogatory nickname "Kingslayer" when he treasonously slew Aerys near the end of Robert's Rebellion.[1][9] In A Storm of Swords, Jaime becomes a POV character. In the television adaptation Game of Thrones, he is played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.[10]

Appearance and Character

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As young children, Jaime and his sister Cersei looked so much alike that not even their father was able to tell them apart.[11] Jaime grew into a tall, handsome man, with curled hair the color of beaten gold.[6][12][13] He has flashing cat-green[14] eyes, and a smile that cuts like a knife.[1][15] Jon Snow thinks to himself that Jaime is "what a king should look like",[1] and Bran Stark feels that Jaime looks like "more like the knights in the stories".[16] He is muscular and extremely strong, musing that he could only think of a few men in the Seven Kingdoms stronger than him, and that his speed and skill can defeat them.[17]

As a Kingsguard knight, Jaime wears white armor and a white cloak.[18] On occasion he wears golden armor decorated with the Lannister lion, with gilded longsword and ornate lion's helmet.[19][20][21] He slew the Mad King Aerys II Targaryen while wearing his white cloak over his golden armor.[22] Jaime alternatively wears a crimson silk tunic embroidered with a golden lion, along with black boots and a black cloak.[1] He also wears crimson cloaks[23] and a leather jack.[24] Jaime wields a lance of golden wood.[20]

Jaime is a born warrior, with little interest in politics and court intrigue. He takes few things seriously.[15] By his own admission, Jaime only feels truly alive when fighting or making love.[11] He comes across as arrogant, amoral, and dishonorable.[25][26][9][24] Because of the death of King Aerys, Jaime has earned such a bad reputation among many that everything he says is usually cast in the worst possible light.[26][27] By smallfolk, however, Jaime is esteemed like Serwyn of the Mirror Shield and Prince Aemon the Dragonknight.[28]

Jaime is rash, headstrong, and angers quickly.[29][30] He is known to have little patience,[23] and he worries about the consequences of his actions only after committing the act.[31] A great[32] and especially skilled warrior,[33] Jaime inspires loyalty in his men.[34][35] He is bold[36] and does not fear death.[37] According to Catelyn Stark, Jaime is an experienced battle commander.[38]


Early life

Jaime was born in 266 AC, as the first-born son of Ser Tywin Lannister, the heir to Casterly Rock, and his wife, Lady Joanna.[6][7] Jaime was born shortly after his twin sister Cersei, while holding her foot.[39][40] King Aerys II Targaryen sent both Jaime and Cersei their weight in gold as a name day gift, and commanded Lord Tywin to bring the children to court when they were old enough to travel.[6] It is currently unknown whether this visit to King's Landing actually occurred, as the royal court came to Casterly Rock following the death of Lord Tytos Lannister in 267 AC.[6] Jaime and Cersei did visit King's Landing in 272 AC, when their mother brought them from Casterly Rock for the Anniversary Tourney held to celebrate the tenth year of King Aerys's reign.[6]

Jaime and Cersei were inseparable in their early childhood.[41] They looked so similar as children that not even their father was able to keep them apart.[11] Sometimes they would dress in each other's clothes, and spend a whole day as each other.[11] As children, they played together in bowels of Casterly Rock, where the caged lions of his late grandfather, Tytos, were kept. Jaime and Cersei would dare each other to climb into the cage.[42] Cersei and Jaime slept together in the same bed when they were very young,[41] and even went as far as to experiment together in a sexual manner at a young age.[39] During one of these encounters, they were caught by a servant who informed their mother. Jaime's bedchamber was immediately moved to the other side of the castle, whilst a guard was placed near Cersei's bedchamber. The twins were told never to do anything like that ever again, as Joanna would otherwise be forced to tell their father.[26]

Jaime's mother died not long thereafter,[26] in 273 AC,[6][7] when giving birth to Jaime's younger brother, Tyrion.[1] Even though Tyrion is a malformed dwarf, and both his father and sister despise the young Lannister, Jaime developed an affection for his youngest sibling, and treated him with kindness and respect.[15][43] Shortly after Joanna's death, the Princess of Dorne visited Casterly Rock with her two youngest children, Elia and Oberyn Martell. When she eventually proposed a betrothal between Elia and Jaime, she was refused.[44]

In 276 AC, when Jaime was ten years old, Lord Tywin hosted a tourney to celebrate the birth of young Prince Viserys Targaryen. During this tourney, Tywin suggested to King Aerys that Jaime could squire for Rhaegar Targaryen, Prince of Dragonstone, but Aerys refused and named the sons of other lords to the position instead.[6] According to Cersei, young Jaime was only interested in dogs, horses, swords, and her.[45]

Jaime went to Crakehall at the age of eleven, and spent four years squiring for Lord Sumner Crakehall,[17] alongside Merrett Frey.[46][47] He occasionally visited Casterly Rock during this time,[48] and raged when, in 278 AC, his sister Cersei was brought to King's Landing by their father.[49] At the age of thirteen, while still a squire, Jaime won his first tourney melee.[17][47] Whilst a squire to Lord Sumner, Jaime was sent to Riverrun,[50] as Lord Tywin and Lord Hoster Tully had been considering betrothing Jaime to Hoster's younger daughter, Lysa.[51] According to Sumner, the message Jaime was to bring to Hoster could not be entrusted to a raven.[50] He spent a fortnight at Riverrun, being seated next to Lysa during meals. Jaime ignored her, however, being more interested the stories of Hoster's younger brother, Ser Brynden, a famous warrior who had fought in the War of the Ninepenny Kings, and whom Jaime asked for stories about the war.[50]

Ser Addam Marbrand, the heir of Lord Damon Marbrand of Ashemark, is a childhood friend of Jaime's.[5] The two have remained friends to this day.[52]

Raised to Knighthood and to the Kingsguard

Jaime winning a tourney melee, by Amok ©

At the age of fifteen, Jaime participated in the campaign against the Kingswood Brotherhood, during which he saved Lord Sumner Crakehall from Big Belly Ben and crossed swords with the psychotic Smiling Knight. After the brotherhood had been defeated, Jaime was knighted for valor shown on the battlefield by Ser Arthur Dayne, a member of the Kingsguard of King Aerys II Targaryen.[17][53] Jaime held a vigil in a nearby sept, and the next morning Arthur cut through to Jaime's shoulder when lightly tapping the youth's tunic with Dawn.[4]

Now a knight, Jaime was to return to Casterly Rock. He decided to stop in King's Landing on route, to visit his sister, from whom he had been separated for years. There, Cersei informed him that their father, Lord Tywin Lannister, intended to betroth him to Lysa Tully, and had gone as far as inviting Lord Hoster to King's Landing, to discuss the dower. Cersei suggested that Jaime become a member of the Kingsguard instead, replacing the recently-deceased Ser Harlan Grandison. Though this would require Jaime to give up his claim to Casterly Rock and his position as Tywin's heir, it would allow him to be close to Cersei and free himself of the unwanted marriage to Lysa. After a night of passionate sex, he gave his consent to Cersei's plan. While the siblings expected Tywin to oppose it, Cersei claimed he could not openly object. She promised to do the rest, and a month later, Jaime received news at Casterly Rock that he had been chosen for the Kingsguard, and was to present himself to the king during the grand tourney at Harrenhal, where he would say his vows and don his cloak.[17] Jaime's and Cersei's plan did not entirely work as expected. Their father, furious about the king's decision, pleaded illness and resigned his position as Hand of the King. He returned to Casterly Rock, taking Cersei with him, which separated the siblings once more.[6][17]

Jaime was raised to the Kingsguard by its Lord Commander, Ser Gerold Hightower, in a ceremony at Harrenhal in 281 AC, making him the youngest knight ever to be raised to the order.[8][3][54] That night, however, King Aerys soured the honor by sending him back to King's Landing to guard Queen Rhaella and Prince Viserys, depriving Jaime of the chance to participate in Lord Walter Whent's tourney. It was that moment during which Jaime realized that the king had only chosen him for the Kingsguard to slight Lord Tywin, of whom Aerys was insanely jealous, and to rob him of his heir.[3] Jaime left for King's Landing at once. When a mystery knight appeared at the tourney, King Aerys became convinced that it was Jaime, who had defied his orders and secretly returned.[55] However, the mystery knight disappeared,[54][55] and nothing further came of the king's suspicions.

By being raised to the Kingsguard, Jaime gave up his claim to Casterly Rock.[35] Nonetheless, Tywin continued to regard him as his true heir, and was always angry to see Jaime dressed all in white, instead of the red and gold of House Lannister.[42]

Serving in the Kingsguard

Ser Jaime Lannister, by John Picacio ©

Raised to the knightly order in 281 AC, Jaime served in King Aerys II Targaryen's Kingsguard for two years. Jaime grew more and more disillusioned, witnessing the Mad King's growing insanity and tendency for burning men alive.[51] In 282 AC, Jaime witnessed the executions of Brandon and Lord Rickard Stark, standing at the foot of the Iron Throne as the two Starks were dying. Jaime coped by "going away inside", focusing on thoughts of Cersei instead of the events occurring in front of him. Afterwards, he was reminded by his Lord Commander, Ser Gerold Hightower, that he swore a vow to guard the king, not to judge him.[14] Jaime would later advise others to "go away inside" as a way to deal with a harsh reality and making an appalling task tolerable.[27][4]

Robert's Rebellion

Following the deaths of Brandon and Rickard Stark, Lord Jon Arryn refused to obey Aerys II Targaryen's order to send the heads of Eddard Stark and Robert Baratheon, starting a war that would become known as Robert's Rebellion.[56][57] After the Battle of the Bells, it became apparent to Aerys that Robert was a serious threat to Targaryen rule. He devised a plot with the help of his chief pyromancers, which involved the placement of caches of wildfire all throughout the city. The plan was to burn the entire city to the ground rather than lose it to Robert. His new Hand, Lord Qarlton Chelsted, who had been elevated to the position after the exile of the previous Hand, Lord Jon Connington, following the Battle of the Bells, eventually confronted Aerys about his plan. Failing to convince Aerys to give up his plan, Chelsted resigned the office, flinging his chain of office to the floor. For that, Aerys burned him alive. As Aerys did not trust his newest addition to the Kingsguard, Jaime was kept close by, and therefore heard and saw it all.[9]

Aerys grew aroused by burning people, and the night Chelsted was burned, Aerys visited the chambers of his wife. Jaime and his sworn brother, Ser Jonothor Darry, stood guard outside Queen Rhaella's bedchamber while Aerys raped her, listening to her cries. When Jaime, feeling conflicted, eventually commented to Jonothor that they were sworn to protect the queen as well, Jon replied, "but not from him."[8]

Shortly after, Prince Rhaegar Targaryen left the Red Keep to face the rebels on the Trident. The day the prince left, Jaime begged Rhaegar to take him along, suggesting one of the other Kingsguard knights could remain at the king's side instead. Rhaegar refused the suggestion, admitting that King Aerys wanted to keep Jaime close as a hostage against his father, Lord Tywin. Rhaegar promised an angry and disappointed Jaime that changes would be made when he returned from the battlefield,[4] and charged Jaime with keeping his wife, Elia Martell, and their children safe.[58]


Jaime sits on the Iron Throne, by Michael Komarck ©

While a rebel army led by Lord Eddard Stark raced towards King's Landing after Rhaegar's death at the Trident, Lord Tywin Lannister appeared first at the gates of the capital with twelve thousand men. His main concerns were that King Aerys II Targaryen would be capable of killing Jaime out of spite, as well as that Jaime himself could do something rash. Though Lord Varys, the master of whisperers, counseled Aerys against opening the gates, the king listened to Grand Maester Pycelle, who told him that his old Hand, Tywin, had come to his defense. As such, the city gates were opened to Tywin and his army, but once inside, Tywin betrayed Aerys and began the Sack of King's Landing.[9]

As the sole Kingsguard remaining in King's Landing, the defense of the Red Keep became Jaime's responsibility. Knowing that he did not stand a chance to defend the castle, he sent a messenger to the king, asking for leave to make terms with the attackers. The messenger came back with the Aerys's order that Jaime should bring him Lord Tywin's head, to prove that he was no traitor. The messenger also informed him that Rossart was with the king, leading Jaime to believe that Aerys was about to command the destruction of the city.[9]

Jaime killed Rossart, who was dressed as a common soldier and hurrying to a postern gate. When the king in the throne room saw the blood on Jaime's sword, he demanded to know whether it was Tywin's, renewing his command that Jaime should bring him his father's head, otherwise Jaime would burn with all the other traitors. When Jaime answered that it was Rossart's blood, the frightened Aerys ran towards the Iron Throne. Jaime hauled him off the steps, and killed his king with a single slash across the throat, thereby preventing him from giving the command to burn the city to some other pyromancer.[17][9]

Lord Tywin's men, led by Ser Elys Westerling and Lord Roland Crakehall, burst into the throne room in time to see that Jaime had killed the king, forestalling any chance for Jaime to steal away and let someone else claim responsibility. Jaime told them to advise all who were still fighting that the king was dead and to spare anyone who yielded. Lord Crakehall then asked whether a new king should be proclaimed as well, indicating that it could be Lord Tywin or Lord Robert Baratheon or that even a new Targaryen king could be proclaimed. Jaime mused on the possibility of choosing Viserys or Rhaegar's son, Aegon, as the new king with Tywin as his Hand, but, realising that both boys shared the same blood as Aerys and thus the same propensity for madness, Jaime declared to Lord Crakehall that it was all the same to him. He then seated himself on the Iron Throne, waiting to see who would come to claim it. He was found sitting there with his golden sword across his legs when Lord Stark rode into the hall with his men to claim the throne for Robert. Jaime gave up the throne to Eddard, proclaiming it to be an uncomfortable seat.[22][17]

In the following days, Jaime secretly hunted down and killed the two other pyromancers involved in Aerys's wildfire plot, Belis and Garigus.[9] Although Eddard urged Robert to strip Jaime of the white cloak, arguing that he should at least be made to join the Night's Watch, Robert listened to Jon Arryn instead. Jaime was pardoned at the coronation of Robert I Baratheon, together with Varys and Pycelle,[14] and continued to serve in the Kingsguard along with Ser Barristan Selmy.[28] Jaime was present at Robert's coronation feast, where Robert joked about the fact that Jaime was already being called "Kingslayer".[9] He is known to himself,[53] other Kingsguard,[59] and as far as Winterfell[1] and Essos[60] by the nickname. Though reviled by the realm for his betrayal, Jaime considers the slaying of Aerys to be his finest act.[14] His true motivation for killing King Aerys remains unknown to the masses.

Reign of Robert I Baratheon

Jaime and Cersei Lannister, by Magali Villeneuve ©

Jaime was part of the honor guard that brought Cersei to King's Landing for her wedding to Robert I Baratheon. Cersei and Robert were married in 284 AC,[61] with Jaime present.[49] He won the tourney held to celebrate the wedding.[53] Jaime and Cersei had sex on the morning of Cersei's wedding,[62] and continued their illicit relationship after Cersei's wedding. Cersei refused to join her new husband on his hunting trips, as to be able to spend time with Jaime.[63] Jaime accompanied Robert and Cersei to Greenstone, when Robert went to visit his mother's family. Jaime dubbed the castle "Greenshit" when he first saw it, and convinced Cersei to do the same. They spent a fortnight with the Estermonts. During one of those nights, Jaime followed Robert on Cersei's request, to confirm her suspicion that Robert was sleeping with his cousin. Jaime and Cersei slept together that night, and Cersei likes to believe that their eldest son, Joffrey, was conceived that night.[64]

Jaime and Cersei would have three children: Joffrey, born in 286 AC, Myrcella, born in 289 AC, and Tommen, born in 290 AC.[65] Though believed by the realm to be Robert's children, Jaime is the father of all three, and was present for at least one of the births.[66] While Cersei also became pregnant by Robert once, she had Jaime find a woman to cleanse her.[39]

One day, Jaime and his brother Tyrion, thirteen years of age at the time, while on a nightly ride from Lannisport to Casterly Rock, came upon a fourteen year old girl called Tysha, who was being followed by outlaws. While Jaime pursued the men, Tyrion took the girl to an inn. The two ended up sleeping together, the first time for both. Tyrion fell in love and secretly married the orphaned daughter of a crofter. After a fortnight, however, Lord Tywin learned about the marriage. He instructed Jaime to lie to Tyrion, and claim that he had staged the whole affair, including the outlaws, because he had thought his brother finally needed a woman. Jaime was further ordered to tell Tyrion that Tysha was, in fact, a whore, for whom Jaime had paid double because she was still a maiden. Lord Tywin advised Jaime that all Tysha wanted was the gold of the Lannisters, which made her no better than a whore, so it would not even be a lie, predicting that Tyrion would thank his brother later in life. Jaime did as bid.[67][68] It is currently unknown whether Jaime is aware of the punishment Tysha received from Tywin. However, the entire experience traumatized Tyrion, causing him to believe that no woman could ever love him for who he truly was.[28][69][70] Jaime kept the truth about Tysha from Tyrion, and later considered his role in ending his brother's marriage the sole instance when he was unkind to Tyrion.[71]

Following Greyjoy's Rebellion in 289 AC, Jaime took part in the tourney at Lannisport, where he broke nine lances against Ser Jorah Mormont. Robert eventually rewarded the victory to Jorah.[72] In 296 AC, Jaime gave Tyrion a mare for his brother's twenty-third name day.[73] Jaime has visited Oldtown at some point in his life.[53]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Jaime pushes Bran Stark from the First Keep, by Aaron Riley © Fantasy Flight Games

After the death of their foster-father, Lord Jon Arryn, King Robert I Baratheon travels north to visit Lord Eddard Stark at Winterfell and persuade him to become Jon's successor as Hand of the King. Jaime is chosen by Robert as Jon's successor as Warden of the East rather than Jon's son, young Lord Robert Arryn, who would have been the traditional appointee.[22] The king is accompanied by much of the court, among them Jaime, Queen Cersei Lannister, and their brother Tyrion.[12]

While at Winterfell, Jaime and Cersei attend the feast given by House Stark.[1] Jon's widow, Lysa Arryn, sends a coded message to her sister, Eddard's wife Catelyn, alleging that the Lannisters murdered Jon.[74] When Robert is away hunting, Cersei and Jaime are caught having sex in the First Keep by Bran Stark. The boy is shocked and almost falls from the building. Jaime pulls him up and then throws him out of the window, intending to kill him to keep the affair a secret.[16] Bran survives but falls into a coma.[15]

Ned accepts Robert's invitation to be Hand, and in King's Landing he begins investigating the death of Jon Arryn.[74][75] He discovers Jaime and Cersei's secret relationship by piecing together the fact that every time in history a Lannister wedded a Baratheon, they produced raven-haired children. Instead Cersei's children Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen are all fair-haired.[39]

During the Hand's tourney, Jaime wears his golden armor beneath his white cloak.[19] He defeats Ser Andar Royce, Lord Bryce Caron, and Ser Barristan Selmy,[19] but is unhorsed by Sandor Clegane.[20]

Meanwhile, Catelyn Stark, Lady of Winterfell, captures Jaime's brother Tyrion on suspicion of involvement in a botched assassination attempt on Bran Stark.[76] In retaliation for Tyrion's capture, but ostensibly to create an uprising, Jaime breaks Kingsguard neutrality by leading Lannister men in an attack on Ned and his guards in the streets of King's Landing, leading to numerous deaths on both sides.[21] Robert orders Ned and Jaime to make peace, but the Kingslayer has already fled King's Landing to join his father, Lord Tywin Lannister.[77]

Jaime begins massing a host at Casterly Rock, and the Lannisters ignore an inquiry into their actions by Ser Edmure Tully.[78] Robert dies after being gored in the kingswood by a boar, and the king is succeeded by Joffrey I Baratheon, who is actually Jaime's son.[79]

Jaime is captured in the Whispering Wood, by Mathia Arkoniel ©

Jaime's army marches against the river lords, smashing Lord Vance and Lord Clement Piper in a battle in the hills below the Golden Tooth.[38] Jaime then defeats Edmure's host in a battle under the walls of Riverrun, capturing the heir of House Tully.[80] Jaime establishes three camps at Riverrun and besieges the castle.[81] Meanwhile, Joffrey's small council dismisses Ser Barristan Selmy as Lord Commander of the Kingsguard and names Jaime as his replacement.[59]

Robb Stark's northern army steals a surprise march on Jaime, intent on relieving Riverrun. Ser Brynden Tully raids Jaime's camps to draw him north of Riverrun, and Robb ambushes the Lannister detachment in the Whispering Wood. Seeing the battle is lost, Jaime fights bravely to try and cut down Robb, managing to kill Daryn Hornwood, Eddard Karstark, and Torrhen Karstark before he is captured.[23] Afterwards, the Stark and Tully forces are able to best Jaime's leaderless troops in the Battle of the Camps,[81] and Jaime is imprisoned in Riverrun. Ser Stevron Frey proposes ransoming Jaime back to Tywin, but the suggestion is opposed by northmen.[82]

Jaime's capture demoralizes Tywin's bannermen at the crossroads inn. Tyrion thinks that Tywin has given up Jaime for dead.[81]

A Clash of Kings

While the War of the Five Kings rages around him, Jaime is kept imprisoned in a comfortable tower cell at Riverrun.[14]

Unbeknownst to Jaime, Cersei takes their cousin Lancel Lannister as her lover in King's Landing.[83] After arriving in the capital, Tyrion promises to help free Jaime to gain Cersei's support in his rule as Hand.[28] Tyrion swears in open court that as part of a peace, he would trade Sansa and Arya Stark for the safe return of his brother.[84]

Ser Cleos Frey and Vylarr travel to Riverrun with Tyrion's offer. Tyrion has a secret plan to free Jaime with false envoys, however. Jaime slays Poul Pemford and Myles and wounds Delp in the rescue attempt, but he is eventually retaken. For breaking his word not to try to escape, Edmure transfers Jaime to the dungeons. He is kept chained and malnourished.[85]

Distraught at the news of the alleged deaths of her sons Bran and Rickon Stark following the capture of Winterfell, Catelyn interrogates Jaime after the Battle of the Fords. He now has a shaggy beard, not having been allowed a razor, and his hair is unwashed and in tangles. Jaime's power and beauty are still apparent, however, and he resembles a magnificent yellow beast. Jaime casually admits Catelyn that he flung her son Bran from a window.[14]

A Storm of Swords

Zollo cuts off Jaime's sword hand, by Joao Bosco © Fantasy Flight Games

In return for Lady Lysa Arryn marrying Lord Petyr Baelish and returning to the king's peace, Lord Tywin Lannister decides to return the title of Warden of the East to Lord Robert Arryn from Jaime.[86]

Catelyn Stark, acting on her own, releases Jaime from Riverrun in an attempt to make an unofficial exchange for her daughters. Along with his cousin and fellow captive Ser Cleos Frey, and Catelyn's sworn sword, Brienne of Tarth, Jaime begins the journey towards King's Landing. Jaime shaves his head so his golden locks will not be recognized, although he keeps the beard. He thinks he looks five years older, with a paler and thinner face and hollows under his eyes.[37]

The trio evade recapture by Ser Robin Ryger and his party from Riverrun, through Brienne's tactic of dropping boulders onto the chasing boat.[37] Jaime approves of Brienne's decision to ignore the travel advice of the "innkeeper" at the Inn of the Kneeling Man, suspecting he is in league with bandits.[17] Later, on the road between Maidenpool and Duskendale, Cleos is killed when the group is ambushed by bandits. Afterward, Jaime takes his sword and briefly duels Brienne in an attempt to escape, but both of them are caught unawares and captured by the Brave Companions led by Vargo Hoat, who have betrayed Lord Tywin and shifted allegiance to Robb Stark.[26]

Vargo suspects that his superior, Lord Roose Bolton, is thinking about going over to the Lannisters after their victory over Stannis Baratheon in the Battle of the Blackwater and their new alliance with House Tyrell. To prevent this, Vargo orders Zollo to chop Jaime's sword hand off, thinking that the blame will fall on Roose.[26][9] Vargo also hopes to give Jaime to Lord Rickard Karstark, who seeks vengeance for Jaime having killed his sons Eddard and Torrhen in the Whispering Wood.[27]

When the Brave Companions threaten to rape Brienne, Jaime advises her to "go away inside". For Jaime, the loss of his hand and with it his fighting ability destroys everything that he was. He falls into a deep depression and loses the will to live. Brienne reminds him that he has something to live for, namely, for his family and for revenge.[27]

While they are held at Harrenhal they share a bath in the bathhouse. Jaime divulges to Brienne the events surrounding the Sack of King's Landing, including King Aerys II Targaryen's wildfire plot.[9] Brienne later remembers Jaime as "looking half a corpse and half a god".[87] While at dinner, Roose hints that he will free Jaime as long as Jaime absolves him of the blame for the loss of his hand. Jaime agrees, and Lord Bolton orders Steelshanks Walton to escort him to King's Landing. Brienne is to remain behind as Lord Vargo's prize.[9]

Jaime rescues Brienne, by Evolvana ©

When Roose leaves Harrenhal to join King Robb at the Twins, Jaime asks him to give Robb his regards. Walton begins the journey to King's Landing with Jaime and a disgraced maester, Qyburn. The latter's task is to keep Jaime healthy. When sleeping on a weirwood stump, Jaime has a dream about Brienne below Casterly Rock. Moved by this, he goes back to Harrenhal to rescue Brienne from Vargo but finds she has been forced to fight a bear for Vargo's entertainment. The knight leaps into the bear pit, holding off the animal until Walton's men kill it with crossbows.[3]

During their travels Jaime and Brienne learn that Robb and Catelyn were killed in the Red Wedding, which was plotted by his father Tywin, Roose Bolton, and Walder Frey. Unbeknownst to Jaime, Roose told Robb that Jaime sent his regards and then stabbed the king. Jaime also learns that his biological son, King Joffrey I Baratheon, died at his own wedding feast.[71]

By the time Jaime arrives in King's Landing, his hair has grown a bit, having become short and bristly.[71][67] His face is still thin and hollow, however, and he now has lines under his eyes, still making him look older.[53] As the party arrives at the Red Keep they encounter Ser Loras Tyrell, now a brother of the Kingsguard. Loras accuses Brienne of murdering Renly Baratheon. Again Jaime comes to her rescue and has Brienne arrested rather than allowing Loras to kill her. He then proceeds to the Red Keep's sept to see the mourning Cersei. Undaunted, the twins have sex in front of Joffrey's corpse.[71]

This turns out to be the last time that Jaime and Cersei share intimate relations, as their relationship begins to fall apart. Jaime has been changed by his imprisonment and prolonged exposure to Brienne's stubborn adherence to a code of honor. Tywin gives him a Valyrian steel blade, crafted out of Eddard Stark's greatsword Ice, but Jaime feels insulted by his father's gift of a sword when he knows how useless he his without his sword hand. He quarrels with his father and refuses to resign from the Kingsguard.[71] He calls a meeting of the order in White Sword Tower to take the measure of his Sworn Brothers and to remind them of their true duties.[53]

Jaime passes the Valyrian sword, now named Oathkeeper, on to Brienne, tasking her to keep Sansa Stark safe from Cersei and noting the irony of her looking after Sansa with Eddard Stark's own steel. Ensuring that she is equally well provisioned by providing her with gold, a horse and armor, he also provides a letter sealed and signed by King Tommen I Baratheon, declaring she is about the king's business and not to be hindered. The shield she is given is the one he bore from Harrenhal.[52]

Following Joffrey's death, Cersei accuses Tyrion of his murder.[70] When both trial by words and trial by battle fail Tyrion,[44] Jaime still does not believe that Tyrion is the murderer. He forces Lord Varys to arrange Tyrion's escape from imprisonment, during which Jaime confesses to his brother an old sin. Years ago Jaime had told him that Tysha, the girl Tyrion had secretly married, was a whore hired by Jaime. Their father Tywin had the girl raped by his soldiers and by Tyrion himself to teach them a lesson. However, Tysha was the crofter's daughter as she claimed to be and had loved Tyrion genuinely.[67] Incensed at this revelation, Tyrion hits Jaime, and, knowing that Joffrey was Jaime's son and not Robert's, falsely claims responsibility for his murder. As a final revenge, Tyrion reveals the truth about Cersei's sexual escapades with Ser Lancel Lannister and Ser Osmund Kettleblack.[67] Tyrion storms off and, unknown to Jaime but with the aid of Varys and a secret passage, enters Tywin's private chambers and kills their father.[67]

A Feast for Crows

Jaime lets his hair grow out again, as well as his beard,[42] though some hairs are starting to turn grey.[5] Following the murder of their father, Tywin, by their brother, Tyrion, Cersei offers Jaime the position of Hand of the King, but he refuses.[13]

Jaime remains in King's Landing and stands vigil over Tywin. During the night Cersei visits him again, begging him to accept the office of Hand but once again he refuses. Cersei leaves angrily, stating she was a fool for ever having loved him. In the morning service, the sight of Lord Tywin's rotting body distresses the young King Tommen, who flees, causing Jaime to pursue and comfort him, suggesting he "go away inside" to cope. Jaime suggests that Tommen and Margaery Tyrell be married.[4] When this occurs, Lord Mace Tyrell is released from his promise of not leaving King's Landing until Margaery's marriage.[88] During his next few days at King's Landing, Jaime finds himself increasingly at odds with his uncle, Ser Kevan Lannister, and his sister, Cersei. He attempts to give his best counsel to both, as well as to a Kingsguard, Ser Loras Tyrell.[8]

Following the funeral of Tywin, Cersei commands Jaime to leave King's Landing with the intention of resolving the siege of Riverrun. Jaime accepts, on the condition that he is allowed to bring the King's Justice, Ser Ilyn Payne. Riverrun is held by Ser Brynden Tully, and is one of the last strongholds still loyal to the late King Robb Stark. Before he departs the city Jaime has an armorer forge him a hand he can strap to his stump. The new hand, made of solid gold with mother of pearl fingernails, is sturdy and allows Jaime to clumsily strap a shield to his right hand.[5]

Jaime takes Lewys Piper and Garrett Paege, who were made his squires as both of their families fought for House Stark. Lewys names Jaime's new horses Glory and Honor, and they are bedecked in Lannister crimson and Kingsguard white, respectively.[5] Josmyn Peckledon becomes another squire for Jaime as a reward for his bravery in the Battle of the Blackwater, and Jaime later encourages Peck to treat Pia well.[50]

During the journey, Jaime spars with Ilyn during the nights, in order to train himself to fight left-handed. Along the way he stops at Harrenhal, where he installs Ser Bonifer Hasty as castellan and releases the northern prisoners kept there, including Ser Wylis Manderly. He has an angry confrontation with Red Ronnet Connington when he insults Brienne of Tarth.[5] To rid himself of Ronnet and Gregor Clegane's men-at-arms. Jaime charges them with escorting Wylis safely to Maidenpool, where the northman will be put on a ship to his home of White Harbor.[5]

After departing Harrenhal Jaime stops at Darry where his cousin, Lancel, confesses to having slept with Cersei.[47]

Jaime with his aunt, Genna Lannister, by Pojypojy ©

Jaime is met at Riverrun by his cousin, Ser Daven Lannister, the new Warden of the West. He holds a parley with Brynden, but is unsuccessful in convincing the Blackfish to surrender the castle. Ser Ryman Frey, the commander of the Frey forces at Riverrun, has been halfheartedly threatening every day to hang Brynden's nephew, Lord Edmure Tully, but Brynden has remained unfazed.[50] Jaime also speaks with his aunt, Genna Lannister, and her husband, Ser Emmon Frey, who is to be rewarded with Riverrun after its capture.[50]

Jaime sends Ryman back to the Twins and places command of the Frey contingent with his son, Edwyn Frey. Taking Edmure as his own prisoner, Jaime tells Edmure that he is to be released and returned to Riverrun. If he yields the castle, the garrison will be spared and all that wish to join the Night's Watch will be allowed to do so. If he does not surrender, the castle will be sacked and burned, and Jaime will return Edmure's child—by catapult—as soon as his wife Roslin Frey gives birth.[24] Jaime has Tom of Sevenstreams sing "The Rains of Castamere" to intimidate Edmure;[24] unbeknownst to Jaime, Tom is a member of the brotherhood without banners and has his own history with Edmure.[89]

Edmure decides to yield the castle and be taken to Casterly Rock as a prisoner, but not before allowing Brynden to escape by swimming under Riverrun's Water Gate at night. A furious Jaime sends some of his men to find the Blackfish, but they are unsuccessful.[90] Jaime sends Edmure west in a column led by Ser Forley Prester; also in Forley's company are the surviving Westerlings.[90] Maester Vyman brings Jaime a letter from Cersei, who has been imprisoned by the new High Septon and is to go on trial. Cersei requests Jaime as her champion in a potential trial by combat. Jaime does not reply to the letter and orders Peck to burn it.[90]

A Dance with Dragons

Jaime arrives at Raventree Hall, the last holdout of Robb Stark's supporters. Jaime finds the state of the siege of Raventree by Lord Jonos Bracken to be dismal, and hopes to swiftly end it. His arrival is unexpected, and he strides into Jonos's tent while he is with a whore. Jonos fills Jaime in on the situation at hand, and Jaime finds the scene rooted in the age-old feud between Bracken and Blackwood.[91]

Jaimes then treats with Lord Tytos Blackwood, who agrees to bend the knee to King Tommen and rescind his support of the Stark and Tully cause. In return, he must give up some of his lands to Jonos Bracken and send his son Hoster to the Red Keep as a hostage. Because of House Bracken's early support of Robb Stark, however, Jaime also requires Jonos to send one of his daughters to King's Landing as a hostage.[91]

After settling matters at Raventree, Jaime and his men head back toward Riverrun. They make camp at Pennytree, where the locals are still wary of travelers and "king's men," and will not allow Jaime's men to enter the holdfast. Jaime decides not to follow the advice of Ser Kennos of Kayce, who recommends that he storm the holdfast. While at Pennytree, Jaime receives an unexpected visit from Brienne of Tarth. She tells Jaime that she has found Sansa, who is a day's ride away. She claims, however, that Jaime must go with her alone or else the Hound will kill the girl.[91]

Cersei, imprisoned by the Faith within the Great Sept of Baelor, is informed by the twins' uncle, Ser Kevan Lannister, that Jaime has disappeared in the riverlands with a woman, possibly Brienne of Tarth.[62]

Quotes by Jaime

Jaime by Alexandre Dainche © Fantasy Flight Games

The things I do for love.[16]

—Jaime pushing Bran Stark from the First Keep

Jaime: If there are gods, why is the world so full of pain and injustice?
Catelyn: Because of men like you.
Jaime: There are no men like me. There's only me.[14]

—Jaime and Catelyn Stark

I think it passing odd that I am loved by one for a kindness I never did, and reviled by so many for my finest act.[14]

—Jaime to Catelyn Stark

It was that white cloak that soiled me, not the other way around.[17]

—Jaime to Brienne of Tarth

Jaime had decided that he would return Sansa, and the younger girl as well if she could be found. It was not like to win him back his honor, but the notion of keeping faith when they all expected betrayal amused him more than he could say.[26]

—thoughts of Jaime

Jaime: Ser, you've been remiss in teaching our new brothers their duties.
Meryn: What duties?
Jaime: Keeping the king alive. How many monarchs have you lost since I left the city? Two, is it?[71]

—Jaime and Meryn Trant

And me, that boy I was ... when did he die, I wonder? When I donned the white cloak? When I opened Aerys's throat? That boy had wanted to be Ser Arthur Dayne, but someplace along the way he had become the Smiling Knight instead.[53]

—thoughts of Jaime

I learned from Ser Arthur Dayne, the Sword of the Morning, who could have slain all five of you with his left hand while he was taking a piss with the right.[53]

I've lost a hand, a father, a son, a sister, and a lover, and soon enough I will lose a brother. And yet they keep telling me House Lannister has won this war.[52]

—thoughts of Jaime

I have made kings and unmade them. Sansa Stark is my last chance for honor.[52]

—Jaime to Brienne of Tarth

Cersei: You must take Father's place as Hand. You see that now, surely. Tommen will need you ...
Jaime: A Hand without a hand? A bad jape, sister. Don't ask me to rule.[13]

Cersei Lannister and Jaime

This was justice. Make a habit of it, Lannister, and one day men might call you Goldenhand after all. Goldenhand the Just.[5]

—thoughts of Jaime after hanging outlaws

Jaime: Are there any terms you will accept?
Brynden: From you? No.
Jaime: Why did you even come to treat with me?
Brynden: A siege is deadly dull. I wanted to see this stump of yours and hear whatever excuses you cared to offer up for your latest enormities. They were feebler than I'd hoped. You always disappoint, Kingslayer.[5]

—Jaime and Brynden Tully

Quotes about Jaime

They called him the Lion of Lannister to his face and whispered "Kingslayer" behind his back. Jon found it hard to look away from him. "This is what a king should look like", he thought to himself as he passed.[1]

—thoughts of Jon Snow

Rodrik: Even the Kingslayer would flinch at the murder of an innocent child.
Theon: Oh, would he? I wonder.[92]

My brother is worth a hundred of your friend.[39]

Robert: Why should I mistrust him? He has done everything I have ever asked of him. His sword helped win the throne I sit on.
Eddard: He swore a vow to protect his king's life with his own. Then he opened that king's throat with a sword.
Robert: Seven hells, someone had to kill Aerys! If Jaime hadn't done it, it would have been left for you or me.
Eddard: We were not Sworn Brothers of the Kingsguard.[22]

His brother never untied a knot when he could slash it in two with his sword.[29]

—thoughts of Tyrion Lannister

Jaime and I are more than brother and sister. We are one person in two bodies. We shared a womb together. He came into this world holding my foot, our old maester said. When he is in me, I feel... whole.[39]

The Kingslayer ... The false knight who profaned his blade with the blood of the king he had sworn to defend.[59]

He was weak from imprisonment, and chained at the wrists. No knight in the Seven Kingdoms could have stood against him at his full strength, with no chains to hamper him. Jaime had done many wicked things, but the man could fight! His maiming had been monstrously cruel. It was one thing to slay a lion, another to hack his paw off and leave him broken and bewildered.[32]

—thoughts of Brienne of Tarth

My brother, Jaime, thirsts for battle, not for power. He's run from every chance he's had to rule.[93]

Selmy had never approved of Jaime's presence in his precious Kingsguard. Before the rebellion, the old knight thought him too young and untried; afterward, he had been known to say that the Kingslayer should exchange that white cloak for a black one.[94]

—thoughts of Tyrion Lannister

Entry in the White Book

Ser Jaime of House Lannister. Firstborn son of Lord Tywin and Lady Joanna of Casterly Rock. Served against the Kingswood Brotherhood as squire to Lord Sumner Crakehall. Knighted in his 15th year by Ser Arthur Dayne of the Kingsguard, for valor in the field. Chosen for the Kingsguard in his 15th year by King Aerys II Targaryen. During the Sack of King's Landing, slew King Aerys II at the foot of the Iron Throne. Thereafter known as the "Kingslayer." Pardoned for his crime by King Robert I Baratheon. Served in the honor guard that brought his sister the Lady Cersei Lannister to King's Landing to wed King Robert. Champion in the tourney held at King's Landing on the occasion of their wedding.

—the achievements of Jaime as recorded in the White Book by Gerold Hightower and Barristan Selmy




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