Glendon Goode

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None.svg Ser
Glendon Goode
Culture Westerosi
Born 110 AC[1]
Died 130 AC[2]
Dragonpit, King's Landing[2]

Glendon Goode was a knight from House Goode during the Dance of the Dragons, who became a member of Rhaenyra Targaryen's Queensguard.[2]


During the Dance of the Dragons, Ser Glendon sided with the blacks. After Rhaenyra seized King's Landing, he was made one of her Queensguard, at twenty years of age. A month later, he became Lord Commander after Ser Lorent Marbrand, whose body Glendon recovered, was killed during the first day of the Riot of King's Landing.[3]

He passed into history as one of the Seven Who Rode, seven knights that went after Prince Joffrey Velaryon when the prince mounted the dragon Syrax to fly to the Dragonpit to protect it from the rioting mob. Glendon and his fellow knights managed to reclaim the body of the fallen prince, but he was attacked from behind by a man who set his white cloak afire with a torch. He was then thrown out of the saddle by his horse and swarmed by a mob, which tore him to pieces. He had been Lord Commander for less than a day.[3]


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Preceded by Lord Commander of the Queensguard
130 AC
Served under: Rhaenyra Targaryen