Harrold Darke

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None.svg Ser
Harrold Darke
Title Ser
Culture Crownlands
Died In 22th day of the 10th moon of 130 ACDragonstone[1]

Harrold Darke was a knight from House Darke and a member of Rhaenyra Targaryen's Queensguard.


Harrold was likely from a minor branch of House Darklyn of Duskendale. He served as a squire to Ser Steffon Darklyn.[1]

Harrold sided with the blacks during the Dance of the Dragons. After Rhaenyra Targaryen seized King's Landing, Harrold was made one of her Queensguard. He was one of the Seven Who Rode, seven knights that went after Prince Joffrey Velaryon when the prince mounted the dragon Syrax to fly to the Dragonpit, during the riot of King's Landing.[1]

When Queen Rhaenyra fled the capital, Harrold managed to persuade Lady Meredyth Darklyn to allow the queen within her walls at Duskendale upon the condition that she would not remain for long.[1]

After Rhaenyra sold her crown Harrold urged her to seek refuge with Lady Jeyne Arryn in the Vale. She refused his council and she and her party sailed for Dragonstone. Upon arriving at the island Ser Alfred Broome's men fell upon the queen's protectors and an axe split Harrold's head before his sword could clear its scabbard. Prince Aegon picked up Harrold's sword to defend his mother, but Alfred knocked it away.[1]


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