Ambrose Butterwell's second wife

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House Frey.png
House Butterwell.png
Title Lady of Whitewalls
Allegiance House Frey
House Butterwell
Culture Rivermen
Born In 195 AC or 196 AC[1]
Spouse Lord Ambrose Butterwell
Book(s) The Mystery Knight (appears)

Ambrose Butterwell's second wife was a member of House Frey, the daughter of Lord Frey, elder sister to Walder Frey, niece to Ser Franklyn Frey, and cousin to Ser Addam Frey. She eventually married Lord Ambrose Butterwell when the latter was around fifty years old. During the Whitewalls tourney thrown to celebrate their marriage, she fainted when Ser Addam was unhorsed by Ser Uthor Underleaf.[2]


Lord Frey
Unknown wife
Franklyn Frey
Ambrose Butterwell
At least
2 unknown
Addam Frey