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Daemon II Blackfyre by Riotarttherite

Allegiance House Blackfyre
Predecessor Daemon I Blackfyre (Blackfyre Pretender)
Successor Haegon I Blackfyre (Blackfyre Pretender)
Race Valyrian
Culture Crownlands
Born 189 AC[3]
Died 212219 AC[3]
Father Daemon I Blackfyre
Mother Rohanne of Tyrosh
Lover Lord Alyn Cockshaw
Personal arms As John the Fiddler: an engrailed cross in gold with a golden fiddle in the first and third quarters, a golden sword in the second and fourth.[2]

Daemon II Blackfyre, also known as Daemon the Younger,[1] was the third son of Daemon I Blackfyre. He used the alias John the Fiddler, a hedge knight, while traveling incognito through the Seven Kingdoms. He led the brief Second Blackfyre Rebellion.[2]

Appearance and Character

When meeting him under the alias of "Ser John the Fiddler", Ser Duncan the Tall thought of Daemon II as "a young man lean and lithe, with a comely clean-shaved face and fine features". He had collar-length black hair and eyes that caught the deep blue of his doublet; Dunk noted he had "Egg's eyes". After revealing himself as the son of Daemon I Blackfyre, Daemon the Younger washed the black dye from his hair to reveal its silver-gold color.[2]

According to Duncan, Daemon smelled of oranges and limes, with a hint of some strange eastern spice beneath.[2]

Daemon had a love of music and fine things. He had a close relationship with Lord Alyn Cockshaw.[1] George R. R. Martin has confirmed that Daemon was homosexual.[4]

Daemon had prophetic dreams. He correctly dreamed that his brothers Aegon and Aemon would die, and that Dunk would become a knight of the Kingsguard. He also dreamed that a dragon would hatch from an egg at Whitewalls, but this turned out to be a metaphor.[2]


Early life

Daemon was born in Westeros, the third son of Daemon I Blackfyre and Rohanne of Tyrosh. He was named after his father.[2] As a child, he became close friends with Alyn Cockshaw, and they were bullied by Daemon's older brothers, Aegon and Aemon. In 196 AC, when he was seven years old, his father began the First Blackfyre Rebellion. After the death of his father and his older brothers at the Battle of the Redgrass Field, Daemon went into exile in Tyrosh with his surviving family and with Aegor Rivers.[2][5]

The Second Blackfyre Rebellion

In Tyrosh, Daemon dreamed that a dragon would be born at Whitewalls. Lord Gormon Peake, a Blackfyre supporter, somehow heard of this, and convinced Daemon to cross the narrow sea and make a play for the Iron Throne. The pretext for gathering other lords to support Daemon was a wedding tourney that Lord Ambrose Butterwell would hold in 212 AC, at which the grand prize would be Butterwell's dragon egg. However, Bittersteel did not think much of Peake's plan, and mistrusted Daemon's dreams (or perhaps was troubled by his homosexuality), and so did not give him his support nor the sword Blackfyre.[2][1]

Daemon arrested by the Raven's Teeth, from The Mystery Knight graphic novel, by Mike S. Miller©

Under the guise of Ser John the Fiddler, Daemon happened across Ser Duncan the Tall and Egg while heading to Whitewalls for the tourney. During the wedding, he was given a place of honor on the dais, uncommon for someone supposed to be a hedge knight. After the bedding took place, Daemon, still under the guise of John, approached Duncan and told him about the dreams he was having, about Duncan wearing a white cloak in the future. He tried to win Duncan over to his side, but Duncan remained unsure and then they were interrupted by Lord Gormon Peake. Alyn Cockshaw, who had been ecstatic at Daemon's return to Westeros, deeply resented Dunk for the loss of Daemon's attentions and became his secret enemy.[2]

During the tourney, Daemon unseated Ser Franklyn Frey and Ser Galtry the Green, but Dunk discovered that Peake had been bribing Daemon's opponents so that he would win the tourney. Ser Glendon Flowers, who had turned down Peake's bribe, was charged with the theft of the missing dragon egg, and taken away to be tortured. After it was brought to the attention of Daemon that Glendon had been framed, Daemon revealed his true identity and gave Glendon the power to defend himself against the charges through a trial by battle with Daemon himself. Glendon, though still suffering from the effects of the torture, unhorsed Daemon in the first tilt of their joust. Daemon landed in a mud puddle, gaining the epithet "the Brown Dragon".[2]

News quickly spread that Lord Brynden Rivers, Bloodraven, was marching on Whitewalls to end what had become the Second Blackfyre Rebellion. Daemon tried to inspire the armsmen who were within the castle, but they had no intention of fighting for such a weak warrior. Daemon met the oncoming army and challenged Bloodraven to single combat, but was instead arrested by Lord Rivers.[2]

Later life

Bloodraven kept Daemon alive as a hostage to prevent Aegor Rivers from crowning Daemon's younger brother, Haegon.[2] However, Daemon the Younger died a few years later while a hostage in the Red Keep, and Haegon and Bittersteel launched the Third Blackfyre Rebellion.[1]


Aegon IV
Daemon I
of Tyrosh
Daemon II
Two sons
Daemon III

Quotes by Daemon

"John": I dreamed that you were all in white from head to heel, with a long pale cloak flowing from those broad shoulders. You were a White Sword, ser, a Sworn Brother of the Kingsguard, the greatest knight in all the Seven Kingdoms, and you lived for no other purpose but to guard and serve and please your king. You have dreamed the same dream, I know you have.
Dunk: It makes no matter what I dream. Only a king can make a Kingsguard knight.
"John": I suppose that means I'll have to take the throne, then. I would much rather be teaching you to fiddle.[2]

—Daemon and Duncan the Tall

This pale white castle, you, a dragon bursting from an egg, I dreamed it all, just as I once dreamed of my brothers lying dead. They were twelve and I was only seven, so they laughed at me, and died. I am two-and-twenty now, and I trust my dreams.[2]

—Daemon to Duncan the Tall

Daemon: They cannot cow us, for our cause is just. We'll slash through them and ride hell-bent for King's Landing! Sound the trumpets! We'll make another Redgrass Field today.
Squire: Piss on that, fiddle boy. I'd rather live.[2]

—Daemon and a squire

I will fight you, or the coward Aerys, or any champion you care to name.[2]

—Daemon to Brynden Rivers

Quotes about Daemon

His dreams will be the death of all of us.[2]

You would be surprised to know how many lords prefer their kings brave and stupid. Daemon is young and dashing, and looks good on a horse.[2]

There have always been Targaryens who dreamed of things to come, since long before the Conquest, so we should not be surprised if from time to time a Blackfyre displays the gift as well. Daemon dreamed that a dragon would be born at Whitewalls, and it was. The fool just got the color wrong.[2]


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