Arwyn Oakheart

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Arwyn Oakheart
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Title Lady of Old Oak[1]
Allegiance House Oakheart
Culture Reach
Born or before 260 AC[2]
Spouse Deceased husband[3]

Arwyn Oakheart is the head of House Oakheart and the Lady of Old Oak. Her husband is deceased[3] and gave her several sons, including the youngest, Ser Arys,[4] a member of the Kingsguard of King Robert I Baratheon since 290 AC.[3]

Appearance and Character

Arwyn is tiny and delicate.[5] She is a widow.[3]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Although one of her sons, Ser Arys Oakheart, is a member of King Joffrey I Baratheon's Kingsguard in King's Landing, Lady Arwyn follows her liege lord, Mace Tyrell, in supporting King Renly Baratheon. Arwyn is present with the forces of House Oakheart in Renly's army that slowly progresses along the roseroad toward the capital, and she attends the melee at Bitterbridge.[5] After the death of Renly at Storm's End, Arwyn does not support Stannis Baratheon.[6] Instead, the Oakhearts follow the Tyrells in supporting Joffrey in the battle of the Blackwater.[7]

A Storm of Swords

The small council at King's Landing grants Lady Oakheart land as a reward for her support in the war.[8]


Catelyn: Jaime Lannister is held prisoner at Riverrun.
Mathis: Still alive?
Renly: It would seem the direwolf is gentler than the lion.
Arwyn: Gentler than the Lannisters, is drier than the sea.[5]

—Arwyn Oakheart, Catelyn Tully, Mathis Rowan and Renly Baratheon


Last known title holder:
Torgen Oakheart
Lady of Old Oak Incumbent