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A barrow is a type of burial mound found in Westeros.


The barrowlands in the southern regions of the north have many long, low hummocks.[1] Barrow Hall by the Great Barrow is the seat of House Dustin in Barrowton, a town within the barrowlands.[2]

Long Barrow is one of the castles of the Night's Watch along the Wall.[3]


The First Men of antiquity buried their dead in barrows[1] and left runes on stone monuments in barrow fields.[4]

Maester Kennet studied the barrow fields, graves, and tombs in the north, including a barrow by Long Lake. In Passages of the Dead, Kennet suggested that giants could have also buried their dead.[5] The remains of the First King or a King of the Giants are said to rest in the Great Barrow at Barrowton,[2] and the Barrow Kings were rulers in the barrowlands.[6]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

As the party of King Robert I Baratheon travels through the barrowlands, Robert and Lord Eddard Stark depart the kingsroad and ride through a plain of barrows.[1]


Robert: Have we ridden onto a graveyard?
Eddard: There are barrows everywhere in the north, Your Grace. This land is old.[1]


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