Cregan Karstark

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Cregan Karstark
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Allegiance House Karstark
Culture Northmen
Born In 249 AC (roughly)[1], at Karhold[2]
Book(s) A Dance with Dragons (appears)

Cregan Karstark is the eldest son of Arnolf Karstark,[3] Cregan is a strong man even though he is past fifty.[2]


Cregan has brown hair, a beard and mustache.[citation needed]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Cregan and his father conspire to have him marry Alys Karstark, his cousin once removed,[3] although she always referred to him as her uncle. Cregan and Arnolf would then have her brother, Lord Harrion Karstark, killed by the Lannisters, who hold him prisoner at Maidenpool, to make him Lord of Karhold instead of castellan. Alys fears that Cregan may kill her once she has borne him a child, as she suspects he may have done the same to his two previous wives. Thus, Alys flees to the Wall to avoid this marriage and request protection.[4] There, she is married to Sigorn, the new Magnar of Thenn. Soon after, Cregan arrives at the Wall to claim Alys, along with four mounted men-at-arms, a dog trainer, and a pack of hounds. One of his men-at-arms looses a crossbow bolt while the group is confronting Snow and his rangers, and is killed for it. Cregan and his four remaining men are then thrown into ice cells by Jon Snow, much to his shock and anger.[5]

Jon Snow offers Cregan a choice - take the black and by all the laws of the realm be cleared of all past crimes and be a bound brother of the Night's Watch, or wait until Stannis returns to the Wall and hangs him for his planned treachery.[citation needed]

Quotes about Cregan

Once Cregan gets a child by me they won’t need me anymore. He’s buried two wives already.[4]

Alys Karstark to Jon Snow


Unknown wife
Unknown wife
Three Grandsons[6]


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