Davos Darklyn

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House Darklyn.svg Ser
Davos Darklyn
Title Ser
Culture Crownlands
Died 43 AC
the Gods Eye

Davos Darklyn was one of the seven members of House Darklyn to be knights of the Kingsguard.


Ser Davos was a member of the Kingsguard during the reign of King Maegor I Targaryen. Davos marshaled five thousand swords in King's Landing for his king and struck out west to meet the rebels under the command of Maegor's nephew, Prince Aegon Targaryen. He was slain by Lord Qarl Corbray of Heart's Home with the Valyrian steel longsword Lady Forlorn, at the Battle Beneath the Gods Eye in 43 AC.[1]

The following year, Davos' aged father was one of the slain by the Warrior's Son who remained loyal to Ser Joffrey Doggett after the order was outlawed by King Maegor I.[1]


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