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Lord of Fair Isle[1][2][3] is a title held by the head of House Farman, the ruler of Faircastle on Fair Isle in the westerlands.[1]

The westerlands and the location of Fair Isle
The westerlands and the location of Fair Isle
Fair Isle
The westerlands and the location of Fair Isle


The Farmans ruled over Fair Isle as kings until the King of the Rock, Tommen I Lannister, brought the island into his kingdom by taking the daughter of the last Farman king to wife.[4]

The old Lord of Fair Isle during the reign of King Maegor I Targaryen died along his first son at the Battle Beneath the Gods Eye in 43 AC fighting for Prince Aegon the Uncrowned. Farman's grandson, Ser Franklyn Farman, was wounded in the battle but survived. He brought the corpse of his grandfather and uncle home. The lordship of Fair Isle passed on Marq Farman, Franklyn's father.[3]

From some time after the death of Prince Aegon in 43 AC until 47 AC,[5] and again from 48 AC onwards,[6] Lord Marq hosted Princess Rhaena Targaryen at Faircastle. He died in 50 AC at the age of sixty-four, choking on a fish bone at his own table.[2] He was succeeded by his son Franklyn, who greatly disliked Rhaena and demanded her to leave his domain at once.[3] Rhaena returned to Fair Isle in 54 AC when she was searching for her missing daughter, Princess Aerea Targaryen. She was coldly received by Franklyn, and threatened his life before departing.[7] Lord Franklyn was dead by 88 AC, when King Jaehaerys I Targaryen came to Fair Isle in one of his royal progresses.[8]

During the Dance of the Dragons, Lord Dalton Greyjoy's ironborn invaded Fair Isle. Lord Farman sheltered behind his walls sending out pleas for help, but no help ever came. The ironborn eventually captured the castle and took Lord Farman and his family captive; his five daughters became salt wives to Lord Dalton and his brother, Veron Greyjoy. Lord Farman and his sons were ransomed back to Casterly Rock for their weights in silver.[9]

During the reign of King Aerys I Targaryen, Lord Farman repared his defenses after the attacks of Lord Dagon Greyjoy.[10]

According to semi-canon sources, Lord Farman built a fleet of warships to defend his coasts against the ironborn, in defiance of Lord Tytos Lannister, who did not wish to give offense to the Greyjoys of Pyke.[11]

Some years after the Reyne-Tarbeck revolt, Lord Farman grew truculent. Lord Tywin Lannister sent an envoy to Faircastle, who sang to Lord Farman The Rains of Castamere. Understanding the meaning of the message, Lord Farman never troubled Lord Tywin afterward again.[12]

Known Lords of Fair Isle


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