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The Lord of Harlaw[1][2][3][4][5] is a title held by the head of House Harlaw. The Lords of Harlaw ruled historically from Harlaw Hall, but ever since Lord Theomore Harlaw built Ten Towers, it became their new seat.[2]


Lord Harlaw was put to the sword by westermen during Lady Johanna Lannister's invasion of the Iron Islands in 134 AC.[6]

After losing three sons in the cradle, Lord Theomore decided that the dampness and constant flooding of Harlaw Hall was to blame. He ordered the construction of the Ten Towers, a better sited castle as his seat.[2]

Lord Rodrik Harlaw advised Balon Greyjoy, Lord of the Iron Islands, not to rebel against King Robert I Baratheon.[2]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

After the death of Balon Greyjoy, King of the Isles and the North, Rodrik supports his niece, Balon's daughter Asha, and calls her supporters to Harlaw.[1] He offers to name Asha as the heir to Ten Towers, with the island of Harlaw passing to Rodrik's cousin and current heir, Ser Harras Harlaw, but she refuses.[2]

At the kingsmoot Rodrik is one of the first to call Asha's name. However, her uncle, Euron Greyjoy, is chosen king instead.[7]

After the taking of the Shields, Lord Rodrik along side with Lord Dunstan Drumm and Lord Gorold Goodbrother discuss their fears that the gains from the battle are little compared to the enmity of the Reach they have earned.[3]

During the feast in House Hewett's hall, King Euron tells the ironborn they will conquer Westeros. Rodrik is skeptical of Euron's planning as well as his claims of having sailed the Smoking Sea and seen Valyria. With Euron giving Greyshield to Harras, an other of Rodrik's cousins, Hotho Humpback, feels that he is now his heir.[3]

Known Lords of Harlaw

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