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House Harlaw of Harlaw
House Harlaw.PNG
Coat of arms Sable, a scythe argent
Seat Ten Towers
Current Lord Lord Rodrik Harlaw
Region Iron Islands
Title Lord of Harlaw
Heir Ser Harras Harlaw
Overlord House Greyjoy
Cadet Branch House Harlaw of Grey Garden
House Harlaw of Harlaw Hall
House Harlaw of Harridan Hill
House Harlaw of the Tower of Glimmering
Ten Towers keep of House Harlaw. © FFG

House Harlaw of Harlaw is one of the most powerful houses from the Iron Islands, ruling over the entire island of Harlaw from the castle of Ten Towers. Their blazon is a silver scythe on black.[1][2] Their motto has not appeared in the books.

All the other houses of Harlaw pledge fealty to them, including Houses Volmark, Stonetree, Myre and Kenning. Cadet branches of the Harlaws are located at Grey Garden, Harlaw Hall, Harridan Hill, and the Tower of Glimmering.


The Harlaws of antiquity were rock and salt kings on the island of Harlaw. Myres and the Kennings had been their bitter foes in the past, but eventually they submitted to the Harlaws.

The young Erich V Harlaw, High King of the Iron Islands, recovered Fair Isle for the ironborn, but he eventually lost the island once he grew old. His son, Harron Harlaw, slew King Gareth II Gardener at Oldtown.[3]

The Harlaws' original keep was Harlaw Hall, until Lord Theomore Harlaw, the grandfather of Lord Rodrik Harlaw's grandfather, constructed Ten Towers. Theomore had lost three newborn sons due to the dampness and unhealthiness of Harlaw Hall and decided to build a better located dwelling, but since Theomere was a man who used to change his opinion, he ended building ten different keeps that eventually were connected by wallwalks and covered bridges, creating the castle that would be known as the Ten Towers.

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Longships with the silver scythe of the Harlaws are seen by Theon Greyjoy at Lordsport after Balon Greyjoy calls his banners. When entering the great hall with his father's captains Theon sees some Harlaws from Harlaw.

Gevin, Dykk, and at least two other Harlaws join Theon on the raid to the North and the capture of Winterfell. They are probably slain by Bolton men in the sack of Winterfell.[4]

A Feast for Crows

Lady Alannys Harlaw dwells on Harlaw with her brother, Lord Rodrik Harlaw, and sister, Lady Gwynesse.

After King Balon Greyjoy's death and Euron Greyjoy's seizure of the Seastone Chair, Lord Rodrik summons the lords of the Iron Islands to Ten Towers on behalf of his niece Asha Greyjoy. Hotho Harlaw brought Archmaester Marwyn's The Book of Lost Books from Oldtown trying to gain his favor, since he hoped to marry his daughter to Rodrik. Lord Rodrik offers to make Asha the heir to Ten Towers (though Ser Harras would still become head of the house), but she rejects this offer, choosing to seek the driftwood crown. Later, when speaking to Asha before the kingsmoot, Victarion Greyjoy says that Hotho, not Harras, will be Rodrik's heir.

Lord Harlaw's Sea Song is seen on the shores of Old Wyk and Aeron Greyjoy spots the Harlaw scythe among the gathered banners for the kingsmoot. Rodrik offers full support to his niece Asha during the kingsmoot. His designated heir, Ser Harras Harlaw, also supports her as one of her three champions, although it is unknown whether he does it for convictions or to please Lord Rodrik. Hotho offers his daughter to Victarion Greyjoy and supports him, but he is one of the first to shout Euron's name after he reveals his plans.

Lord Rodrik, Ser Harras and Hotho are part of the invasion of the Shield Islands commanded by King Euron. Hotho reports how Harras planted his standard beneath the Grimm castle and defied them to single combat. After seven champions had been defeated, Lord Grimm's septon decided the gods had spoken and surrendered Grimston.

Victarion sees Lords Rodrik Harlaw, Gorold Goodbrother and Dunstan Drumm talking at the yard of Oakenshield. The three are sharing their fear of a Tyrell reprisal. Ser Harras is named Lord of Greyshield by Euron, a move Victarion interprets as a way to gain his loyalty at Lord Rodrik's cost. This also makes Hotho the new heir to Ten Towers. Victarion remembers Harras being a friend of Rodrik Greyjoy, Balon's eldest son. Victarion had defeated Harras in his youth, but he wonders how his axe would now fare against Harras and his Valyrian steel blade, Nightfall.

House Harlaw at the end of the third century

The known Harlaws during the timespan of the events described in A Song of Ice and Fire are:

More distant relatives of Lord Rodrik include:

  • Ser Harras Harlaw, Lord Rodrik's cousin and designated heir. The Knight of Grey Garden. Called "the Knight". His personal banner is the Harlaw scythe quartered with the peacock of his mother's House Serrett.
  • Hotho Harlaw, Lord Rodrik's cousin, of the Tower of Glimmering. And ambitious man called "Hotho Humpback". His personal banner is the Harlaw scythe girdled within an embattled border.
  • Boremund Harlaw, Lord Rodrik's cousin. Master of Harridan Hill. Called "Boremund the Blue". Father to three unnamed sons. His personal banner is the Harlaw scythe over a blue field.
  • Sigfryd Harlaw, Lord Rodrik's great uncle. Master of Harlaw Hall. Called "Sigfryd Silverhair". He has sons and grandsons to follow him, but it is said that he intends to live forever. His personal banner is two scythes countercharged on a field divided bendwise.

With unspecified familiar relationship to the main branch there are also:

Six wives
Balon Greyjoy
Rodrik Greyjoy
Maron Greyjoy
Asha Greyjoy
Theon Greyjoy

Historical Members

Sworn Houses

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