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House Goodbrother of Hammerhorn
House Goodbrother.svg
Coat of arms A gold-banded black warhorn on red
(Gules, a warhorn sable banded or)
Seat Hammerhorn
Head Lord Gorold Goodbrother[1]
Region Iron Islands
Heir Greydon Goodbrother
Overlord House Greyjoy
Cadet branches
Founder Grey King's eldest brother[2]
Founded Age of Heroes[2]

House Goodbrother of Hammerhorn is a noble house from the Iron Islands. They are one of the most powerful houses from Great Wyk, the largest of the islands, and are one of House Greyjoy's primary bannermen.[3] Their keep of Hammerhorn is inland, in the Hardstone Hills, their wealth not coming from the Sunset Sea but from their mines.[4]

Their blazon is a gold-banded black warhorn on red.[5][6] Their motto has not appeared in the books.

House Goodbrother has at least three cadet branches on Great Wyk, the Goodbrothers of Corpse Lake, the Goodbrothers of Crow Spike Keep, and the Goodbrothers of Downdelving.[4] Other branches include the Goodbrothers of Shatterstone on Old Wyk and the Goodbrothers of Orkmont.


House Goodbrother's men wear conspicuous striped goat's hair sashes.[7]


Unlike most great houses of the Iron Islands who claim direct descent from the Grey King, the Goodbrothers claim descent from the Grey King's leal eldest brother.[2]

When the kingsmoot was used to choose the High King of the Iron Islands, only House Greyiron had more kings chosen than the Goodbrothers.[8][9] Urrathon IV Goodbrother was a high king known as "Badbrother" during the Age of Heroes.[10][2]

After the death of Dalton Greyjoy, Lord of the Iron Islands, at Faircastle, Gunthor Goodbrother slew Alester Wynch in a feud over Lysa Farman.[11] During the struggle for power in the Iron Islands, Ser Leo Costayne, the lord admiral of the Reach, led an invasion of the isles on behalf of Lady Johanna Lannister in 134 AC. Leo was slain by Arthur Goodbrother during the fighting, and Lord Goodbrother was put to the sword by westermen by war's end.[11]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Gorold Goodbrother, Lord of Hammerhorn, by Dleoblack © Fantasy Flight Games

Balon Greyjoy, Lord of the Iron Islands, sends his daughter Asha to Great Wyk to meet with Lord Gorold Goodbrother.[7] When Balon's son Theon returns to Pyke from the mainland, he sees a great number of longships, including some bearing Gorold's banded black warhorn.[5] The main strength of Lord Goodbrother amounts to near forty longships at Lordsport.[7] When entering the Great Hall with his father's captains, Theon sees some Goodbrothers of Great Wyk.[5][7]

During the War of the Five Kings, Balon declares himself first King of the Iron Islands[12] and then King of the Isles and the North.[13]

A Feast for Crows

Hammerhorn Raiders by Jake Murray © Fantasy Flight Games

Gormond Goodbrother, with the Sparr and his son Steffarion, brings to Aeron Greyjoy the tidings of his brother Balon's death. Aeron meets with Gormond's father, Lord Goodbrother, at Hammerhorn.[4]

Some Goodbrothers from Great Wyk gather at the kingsmoot on Old Wyk to wish Victarion Greyjoy well. Two of Gorold's sons get into a fight at the kingsmoot.[14] Although Lord Gorold is initially a supporter of Victarion, after Euron Greyjoy's speech he is spotted by Aeron chanting Euron's name.[15]

After the taking of the Shields, Gorold is spotted by Victarion talking with Dunstan Drumm, Lord of Old Wyk, and Rodrik Harlaw, Lord of Harlaw, in the yard of Lord Hewett's castle.[16]

House Goodbrother of Hammerhorn at the end of the third century

The known Goodbrothers of Hammerhorn during the timespan of the events described in A Song of Ice and Fire are:


Historical Goodbrothers


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