House Humble

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House Humble
Head Unknown
Region Iron Islands
Overlord House Greyjoy

House Humble is a house from the Iron Islands.[1] They may come from Great Wyk, as Adrack Humble has a rock wife and three salt wives on that isle.[2] According to Adrack, Humbles often have twins.[2]


The Humbles are considered a lesser house because they descend from thralls and salt wives.[1]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Members of House Humble are spotted at the kingsmoot on Old Wyk by Victarion Greyjoy. Will Humble, one of Victarion's supporters, loses a bet there and has to eat his boot. Quellon Humble allies himself with Euron Greyjoy at the kingsmoot.[1]

Quellon informs Victarion of the presence of three warlocks on Euron's ship, Silence. Quellon is spotted by Victarion at the feast in Lord Hewett's castle after the taking of the Shields. He tears down one of the tapestries and wears it while he eats.[3]

A Dance with Dragons

The one-armed Adrack Humble is part of the garrison Victarion left behind to defend Moat Cailin. When Dagon Codd refuses Theon Greyjoy's offer of safe passage in return for surrendering the fortress to northmen in the siege of Moat Cailin, Adrack kills Dagon. After they surrender, however, Adrack and his fellow ironborn are flayed alive under orders from Ramsay Bolton.[2]

Burton Humble serves on Iron Victory when Victarion sails for Slaver's Bay.[4]

House Humble at the end of the third century

The known Humbles during the timespan of the events described in A Song of Ice and Fire are:


Humble Shepherds, Weavers, and Netleys rubbed shoulders with men from Houses ancient and proud; even humble Humbles, the blood of thralls and salt wives.[1]

—thoughts of Victarion Greyjoy