Myrish Bloodbath

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The Myrish Bloodbath was a civil war that occurred between two rival factions in the Free City of Myr between 91 AC and 92 AC.[1]


The exact details of what happened are vague, all that was written by Maester Gyldayn was that two rival factions within the free city of Myr vied for supremacy. There were riots, assassinations, poisonings, rapes, hangings, tortures and sea battles. The losing faction fled the city and tried to set up a base on the Stepstones, only to be hounded from there by the Archon of Tyrosh who had made a common cause with a league of pirate kings.[1]

In desperation they had fled to Tarth where they caught the Evenstar off guard and secured the eastern side of the island. This involved the Iron Throne coming to Tarths aid. Aemon Targaryen arrived on Caraxes and met the Evenstar at his camp on the western part of the island, he was later killed by a crossbow bolt fired by two Myrish scouts who came upon the camp. Prince Baelon enraged at his brothers death arrived with Vhagar and wiped out the Myrish invaders.[1]


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