Third Battle of the Boneway

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Third Battle of the Boneway
Place Boneway
Result Death of Prince Mors Martell
House Yronwood.svg House Yronwood
House Jordayne.svg House Jordayne
WylCoA.png House Wyl
House Blackmont.svg House Blackmont
House Qorgyle.svg House Qorgyle
House Martell.svg House Martell
House Fowler 2.svg House Fowler
House Toland.svg House Toland
House Dayne.svg House Dayne
House Uller.svg House Uller
Rhoynish refugees
House Yronwood.svg King Yorick V Yronwood House Martell.svg Prince Mors Martell
unknown unknown
unknown Prince Mors Martell†

The Third Battle of the Boneway was a battle fought between House Yronwood and House Martell and their respective supporters during Nymeria's War.[1]


Rhoynish warrior Queen Nymeria made common cause with Mors Martell, Lord of the Sandship, whose lands were dwarfed by those of powerful kings such as House Yronwood.[2] She wed Mors, forming House Nymeros Martell, and on the day of their wedding, Nymeria had her fleet burned to affirm that the Rhoynar could not return to Essos.[3] The people of the Martell lands also intermarried with the Rhoynar, and the addition of the Rhoynar increased the strength of the Martells tenfold. Nymeria declared Mors to be the Prince of Dorne, using the Rhoynish title of prince instead the Westerosi king. Equal primogeniture was also introduced.[1]

Such supremacy was easier to declare than to achieve, however, and years of war followed. The Martells and their Rhoynar partners met and subdued one petty king after another. In total, six conquered kings were sent to the Wall in golden fetters by Nymeria and Mors. The sixth and last of these kings was the greatest of their foes: Yorick Yronwood, the Bloodroyal, Fifth of His Name, Lord of Yronwood, Warden of the Stone Way, Knight of the Wells, King of Redmarch, King of the Greenbelt, and King of the Dornish.[1]


Mors Martell fought, with his allies, against the Yronwoods and their bannermen for nine years, in numerous battles. Mors and Yorick met in battle during the Third Battle of the Boneway, where Yorick personally slew Mors.[1]


After Mors's death, the fighting continued for two more years, until Yorick Yronwood bent the knee to Nymeria. Yorick was send to the Wall, to serve in the Night's Watch, and Nymeria ruled Dorne from Sunspear thereafter.[1][4]


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