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House Blackmont of Blackmont
House Blackmont.svg
Coat of arms A black vulture with a pink infant in its claws on yellow
(Or, a vulture sable clutching an infant rose)
Seat Blackmont
Head Lady Larra Blackmont
Region Dorne
Heir Jynessa Blackmont
Overlord House Martell
Founded Before 700 BC

House Blackmont of Blackmont is a major Dornish noble house. Their seat, Blackmont,[1] is on the banks of the Torentine in the Red Mountains of Dorne.[3]

Their blazon is a black vulture with a pink infant in its claws on yellow.[4] Their words do not appear in the books.


The Blackmonts have long fought against the marcher lords of the Dornish Marches to the north.[5][6]

King Benedict Blackmont was defeated in Nymeria's War and was one of the six kings sent to the Wall by Nymeria.[7] The Blackmonts also unsuccessfully supported House Yronwood against House Nymeros Martell during the war.[8]

According to a semi-canon source, one of the Vulture Kings may have been a Blackmont.[9]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Lady Larra Blackmont, her daughter Jynessa, and her son Perros are among the Dornish nobles that accompany Oberyn Martell to King's Landing.[4]

A Feast for Crows

Lady Blackmont's offspring are among the favorite children hosted by Doran Martell, Prince of Dorne, at the Water Gardens.[10]

House Blackmont at the end of the third century

The known Blackmonts during the timespan of the events described in A Song of Ice and Fire are:


Historical Members


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