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Water magic was the water-based magic of the Rhoynar.


Legend has said that the Rhoynar had their own magic — a water magic very different from the sorceries of Valyria, which were woven of blood and fire. It was said the Mother Rhoyne herself whispered to her children of every threat, that the Rhoynar princes wielded strange, uncanny powers, and that their cities were protected by "watery walls" that would rise to drown any foe.[1]


During the First Turtle War, the Rhoynar emerged victorious over the Valyrians when their water wizards called up the power of the river Rhoyne and proceeded to flood Volon Therys. If the tales can be believed, half the city was washed away.[1]

In the Second Spice War, the Rhoynish Prince Garin raised an army a quarter of a million strong to fight the Volantenes and Valyrians. So long as the army remained beside Mother Rhoyne, the prince declared, they need not fear the dragons of Valyria; their own water wizards would protect them from their fires. In the battle at Volon Therys, the water wizards raised enormous waterspouts against the Valyrians' three dragons, and the Rhoyne flooded the city.[1] The Valyrians returned with 300 dragons, destroyed the Rhoynar army, captured Garin, and destroyed his city, Chroyane. The captive prince called down a curse, and that night the Rhoyne flooded out of season, with greater force than known in living memory. A fog fell upon the city, and the Valyrian conquerors began to die of greyscale.[1] To this day, the ruins of Chroyane and that part of the river Rhoyne are known as the Sorrows, where the stone men live and travelers can still be infected with greyscale.[2]

Princess Nymeria has been called a "witch queen",[3] though it is not true that she practiced water magic herself.[4] But when she brought her people to Dorne, it is said that the Rhoynish water witches knew secret spells that made dry streams flow again and deserts bloom.[1]

The Children of the Forest

The children of the forest may have had their own form of water magic. According to legend, their greenseers called upon the hammer of the waters twice in attempts to stop the First Men from invading Westeros. The first use of the hammer of the waters resulted in the shattering of the Arm of Dorne into the Stepstones and the Broken Arm. The second attempt, to break Westeros in two, only resulted in the flooding of the Neck.[5][6][7][8][9][10]


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