Xhondo Dhoru

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Xhondo Dhoru
Xhondo Dhoru.png
Xhondo Dhoru

Culture Summer Isles
Book A Feast for Crows (appears)

Xhondo Dhoru is a mate on the Summer Islander ship Cinnamon Wind.[1]

Appearance and Character

Xhondo is very large, and has black skin.[2] Like all Summer Islanders, Xhondo wears a colorful feather cloak while ashore;[3] his is black and scarlet.[2]

He speaks many languages,[2] including the Common Tongue, though not as well as his fellow crewman Kojja Mo. The word "fuck" was the first word Xhondo learned of the Common Tongue, and he is very fond of it.[4] What he lacks in vocabulary, he makes up for in volume.[4]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

In Braavos, Samwell Tarly confronts and fights Dareon in the Happy Port, after Dareon claims he is giving up the Night's Watch and abandoning Samwell, Gilly, and Maester Aemon. During the fight, Sam is thrown out into the canals where he almost drowns. Xhondo, who had watched the fight while playing tiles in the brothel, dives into the canal after him, pulls Sam from the canal, and pounds the water from his lungs. Xhondo then tells Samwell that he knows about the dragons, information that Sam has been looking for on behalf of Maester Aemon.[2]

Xhondo's information about Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons, which he had seen in Qarth, helps revitalize Maester Aemon from his illness, and Sam arranges passage on the Cinnamon Wind to Oldtown for himself, Gilly, and Maester Aemon. Xhondo translates for the captain, Quhuru Mo, regarding Sam's payment for the trip, which ends up being almost all that Sam possesses, including books meant for the Citadel, as well as Sam working as a crewman on the ship. Sam also gives Xhondo his sword and scabbard in repayment for the feather cloak that been ruined when Xhondo dove into the canal to save him.[4]

After Maester Aemon's funeral, Xhondo has the crew open a cask of spiced rum to drink his memory. Summer Islanders have sex to honor the dead, and Xhondo would have gone with Kojja Mo, but instead she takes care of Gilly's baby to give her and Sam a chance to be intimate. The next day, Sam avoids Gilly out of guilt, until Xhondo drags him to Kojja, who confronts him on the matter.[4]

As the Cinnamon Wind approaches Oldtown, Xhondo and Sam view the wreckage of a sea battle in the Whispering Sound. Sam wonders who would be so mad as to raid so close to Oldtown, and Xhondo points out a half-sunken longship with a banner they do not recognize.[3]


Xhondo mates on Cinnamon Wind. Many tongues he speaks, a little. Inside Xhondo laughs, to see you punch the singer. And Xhondo hears. Xhondo knows these dragons.[2]

—Xhondo, to Samwell Tarly