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The Cinnamon Wind is a swan ship captained by Quhuru Mo. Her home port is Tall Trees Town in the Summer Isles.[1] Xhondo Dhoru is the mate, and the captain's daughter, Kojja Mo, captains the ship's red archers.[2] The Cinnamon Wind is a large ship, and can outrun any galley with a good brisk wind behind her, but is helpless when becalmed.[2]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

The Cinnamon Wind is at the port of Qarth, having traveled there from Oldtown. Quhuru Mo is brought to Daenerys Targaryen, sees her dragons, and gives her news of Westeros, including the death of King Robert I Baratheon. Daenerys asks if the ship is returning to Westeros soon, but the captain says it will not be for a year or more, as the Cinnamon Wind will be sailing east, to make the trader's circle around the Jade Sea.[1]

A Feast for Crows

The Cinnamon Wind is in Braavos, and the ship's mate Xhondo Dhoru encounters Samwell Tarly.[3] Sam, Maester Aemon, and Gilly take passage to Oldtown, with Sam paying for the transport by working as a crewmember since the ship is shorthanded. Aemon dies while aboard, and his funeral is held on the Cinnamon Wind while it is becalmed in the Summer Sea off the shore of Dorne. Although House Targaryen's funeral custom is cremation, Quhuru Mo will not allow a pyre aboard the ship, so Aemon's body is placed in a cask of rum to preserve it until they reach Oldtown.[2]

The ship is attacked by pirates off the Stepstones, but Kojja Mo and her red archers slay them and drive them off.[2] As the ship approaches Oldtown, they are menaced by three ironborn longships, but the Cinnamon Wind outdistances the first two, and the third is driven away by the ship's archers.[4] In the Whispering Sound, the ship is inspected by the captain of the Huntress, and then by Ser Gunthor Hightower as it approaches the dock of Oldtown.[4]

The Cinnamon Wind arrives at Oldtown. After hearing all the information Samwell Tarly has for him, Archmaester Marwyn leaves the Citadel, intending to take the ship to Meereen to serve Daenerys.[4]