Capture of Torrhen's Square

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Capture of Torrhen's Square
Conflict War of the Five Kings
Date 299 AC
Place Torrhen's Square
Result House Greyjoy victory

House Greyjoy House Tallhart
Dagmer Cleftjaw

The capture of Torrhen's Square[1] takes place during the War of the Five Kings.


Ser Rodrik Cassel and Lord Cley Cerwyn lead levies from Winterfell and Castle Cerwyn to defend Torrhen's Square, the seat of House Tallhart in the north. The besieging ironborn led by Dagmer Cleftjaw are forced to retreat to the Stony Shore following the fight at Torrhen's Square.[2][3]

Rodrik, Cley, and Leobald Tallhart, the castellan of Torrhen's Square, depart to retake Winterfell from Theon Greyjoy. However, they are betrayed by Ramsay Snow and killed by Boltons in the battle at Winterfell.[4]


Dagmer returns to Torrhen's Square and his ironmen capture the sparsely-defended keep for House Greyjoy.[5][6] Dagmer takes captive Berena Hornwood and her children, Brandon and Beren, as well as her niece, Eddara Tallhart, the heir of Torrhen's Square.[7]


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