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Garth Gardener
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Biographical Information
Reign In the Age of Heroes
Full Name Garth Gardener
Alias Garth Greenhand
Other Titles King of the Reach
Culture First Men
Royal House House Gardener
Books The Sworn Sword (Mentioned)
A Storm of Swords (Mentioned)

Garth Gardener, better known as Garth Greenhand, was the legendary first King of the Reach and founder of House Gardener.


According to legend, Garth Greenhand was the first member of the First Men family to rule the Reach. He supposedly wore a crown of vines and flowers and made the land bloom.[1] Garth had many descendents, supposedly half the noble houses in the Reach, including the Tyrells and the Florents, can trace their lineage back to him.[2]


"Garth like to plant his seed in fertile ground, they say. I shouldn't wonder that more than his hands were green." [2]
- the Queen of Thorns, to Sansa

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