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Game of Thrones
Episode # Season 3, Episode 10
Airdate June 9, 2013
Director David Nutter
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"The Rains of Castamere" "Two Swords
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"Mhysa" is the tenth episode of the third season of the HBO medieval fantasy television series Game of Thrones, and the 30th episode of the series. Written by David Benioff & D.B. Weiss and directed by David Nutter, it aired on June 9, 2013.

The episode revolves on the aftermath of the events instigated by "The Red Wedding": House Frey receives the Seat of Riverrun, Roose Bolton is appointed the new "Warden of the North", resulting in a victory to House Lannister while House Greyjoy begins a new military campaign. In the North, Maester Aemon sends out ravens to alert the whole of Westeros about the arrival of the White Walkers. And across the narrow sea, the freed slaves of Yunkai hail Daenerys as their "mhysa".


In King's Landing

The icy relationship between newly married Tyrion and Sansa is thawing slightly, as they stroll and banter about how to deal with the public mockery of their shared status as outcasts. They are soon met by Podrick Payne, who tells Tyrion that he has been summoned to a small council meeting. There, Tyrion learns of the deaths of Robb and Catelyn Stark during the Red Wedding. King Joffrey orders Robb's head brought to King's Landing, as he wishes to make a gift of it to Sansa, the prospect of which makes Tyrion threaten Joffrey once again. Joffrey angrily threatens Tyrion in return, before rebuffing Tywin's attempt to calm the situation. Tywin, showing Joffrey he does not fear him, orders he be taken to his room and sedated. When the other councilors leave, Tywin and Tyrion discuss the murder at the Twins, and the appointment of Roose Bolton as the Warden of the North, until the son of Tyrion and Sansa is of age; Tywin dismisses Tyrion's warning that the northerners will neither forget nor forgive the role the Lannisters played in the Red Wedding. At the end of their conversation, Tywin chastises Tyrion for not having impregnated Sansa, and tells him about the day of his birth. Tyrion then proceeds to his bedroom to inform Sansa of the grim news: he finds her staring forlornly out the window with a tear-stained face, revealing she has already received it. Knowing his sympathy will be little more than cold comfort for her, Tyrion leaves.

Elsewhere, Lord Varys and Shae discuss their shared eastern heritage, Tyrion's marriage to Sansa, and its effect on Shae. Varys gives Shae a bag of diamonds in the hopes that she will sail for Essos and make a new life for herself, freeing Tyrion from danger and allowing him to focus on making the capital a better place, but Shae refuses the offer. At night, Queen Cersei visits Tyrion and tells him to give Sansa a child, as it will make Sansa happy as it did for Cersei when Joffrey was born.

Jaime, Brienne, and Qyburn arrive in King's Landing, and Jaime immediately goes to see Cersei.

At the Twins

Shortly after the murder of their King, the loyal Stark bannermen fight a losing battle with the Freys outside the walls of the Twins. Sandor Clegane and Arya Stark are horrified to witness several Frey soldiers parade Robb's decapitated corpse around the entrance to the keep with the head of Robb's wolf, Grey Wind, attached to it. Later, Arya and the Hound come upon four Frey men discussing the murder of the Starks. Arya slips off the horse and attacks one of the soldiers who claimed to have desecrated Robb's body, stabbing his neck repeatedly. Before his allies can aid him, the Hound steps in and easily kills them.

The morning after the wedding, Walder Frey and Roose Bolton discuss the previous night's events, the escape of the Brynden "Blackfish" Tully, and their new positions as Lord of Riverrun and Warden of the North, respectively. Walder asks Bolton what happened at Winterfell to cause it to become a ruin, to which Bolton replies that he sent his bastard son, Ramsay Snow to take the castle back from the Greyjoys. Despite orders to allow the Ironborn safe passage in exchange for surrendering Theon, Ramsay flayed and killed the Ironborn.

In the North

Arriving at the abandoned Nightfort, Meera Reed tells Bran and Jojen that the castle is safe to enter. While around the fire, Bran tells the story of the Rat Cook, a Night's Watch member who killed a guest under his roof, a sin the gods cannot forgive. Later, Bran is awakened by a sound, and wakes his companions. A large man climbs out of a nearby well and is attacked by Meera, but soon after revealed to be Samwell Tarly, who is followed by Gilly. Sam quickly deduces Bran's identity, seeing Bran's direwolf. Bran asks Sam to take him and his group north of the Wall, and though Sam protests the idea, he eventually relents and takes them through the passage. Before they separate, Sam gives the group the rest of his dragonglass supply, and tells them that it has the power to kill White Walkers. Sam and Gilly later arrive at Castle Black, where they present themselves to Maester Aemon and tell him of the events beyond the Wall. Recognizing Gilly and her son as refugees, Aemon permits them to stay and orders all of the ravens be sent with messages telling of the return of the White Walkers.

Riding back to the Wall, Jon stops to wash his wounds when he hears Ygritte draw her bow. Jon tries to talk her out of shooting him, but when he turns to leave, she fires, hitting him in the shoulder. Jon manages to get on his horse before she shoots him again, this time in the leg. She shoots him a third time as he flees, leaving Ygritte behind. Jon later arrives at Castle Black, having passed out from his wounds. The Night's Watch brothers take him in, where Sam and Pyp discover his identity, and order he be cared for.

At the Dreadfort, Theon begs Ramsay Snow, the true identity of the mysterious boy, to kill him and end his suffering. Ramsay simply replies that he is more valuable alive, before giving him the nickname "Reek", and beating him until he calls himself by his new name.

On the Iron Islands

Lord Balon Greyjoy reads a letter sent from Ramsay Snow, crudely detailing his demands to have the Ironborn soldiers withdraw from the region of the North under his control or be flayed. Along with the letter, Ramsay sends a box containing Theon's severed penis. To the protests of his daughter Yara, Balon plans to refuse the offer and allow Theon's torture to continue. Yara disobeys her father's decision and takes 50 of the Ironborn's best men and the fastest ship available to march on the Dreadfort.

At Dragonstone

In the dungeons, Davos visits Gendry and tries to relate to him by telling the story of how he became a lord. Later, Davos practices his reading with Princess Shireen, when he reads the letter sent by the Night's Watch. When they hear the bells ringing, Davos leaves Shireen to meet with Stannis and Melisandre. Stannis informs Davos of Robb Stark's death, which he attributes to Melisandre's ritualistic burning of the leeches. Melisandre plans to burn Gendry as a sacrifice to the Lord of Light, and although Davos tries to get Stannis to spare Gendry, Stannis orders he be sacrificed. At night, Davos frees Gendry from the dungeons and gives him a boat to escape Dragonstone.

Afterward, Stannis and Melisandre ask Davos if he freed Gendry, which he does not deny. Stannis orders Davos be executed, but Davos tells Stannis that he will need his assistance. When Stannis asks why he would need Davos' help, Davos shows him the letter sent from the Wall. Melisandre burns the letter, and in the fire sees the war coming in the North. She tells Stannis that only he can save the North, and he will need Davos's help to do so, thus preventing his execution.

Across the Narrow Sea

Outside Yunkai, Daenerys, her advisors, and her Unsullied army stand ready to greet the slaves of the city and free them. When they arrive, Missandei tells them that Daenerys has freed them, but Daenerys tells the slaves that only they can take their freedom back. The crowd begins to chant "mhysa", which Missandei tells Daenerys is Ghiscari for "mother." Daenerys commands her dragons to fly and then passes her army to walk amongst the freed slaves, who lift her to their shoulders. Daenerys smiles and looks up into the sky as her dragons fly freely.

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