Fighting at Sow's Horn

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Fighting at Sow's Horn
Conflict War of the Five Kings
Date 299 AC
Place Sow's Horn, Crownlands
Result Hogg victory
House Baratheon of King's Landing.svg Iron Throne/ House Baratheon of King's Landing:


House Karstark.svg House Karstark
Ser Roger Hogg Unknown
~30 men:
  • 6 knights
  • 4 crossbowman
  • ~20 smallfolk[1]
None 3 dead[1]

Fighting at Sow’s Horn takes place between House Karstark and House Hogg in 299 AC, during the War of the Five Kings.


Ser Amory Lorch leads the attempted burning of Sow's Horn. Following Catelyn Stark's release of Ser Jaime Lannister, Lord Rickard Karstark, who had two of his sons killed by Jaime, offers the hand of his maiden daughter Alys in marriage to anyone who can find the Kingslayer. Karstark men raid across the riverlands and crownlands looking for Jaime.[2]


Karstark men looking for Jaime around Sow's Horn are defeated by the men of House Hogg, resulting in three Karstarks being killed and buried.[1]


Lord Karstark has sworn to give the hand of his maiden daughter to any man highborn or low who brings him the head of the Kingslayer.[2]

We had some trouble with a band of them white star wolves. They come round sniffing after you, my lord, but we saw them off, and buried three down by the turnips.[1]