Fishermonger's Square (Volantis)

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Fishermonger's Square[1][2] or Fishmonger's Square[2] in Volantis is where fishmongers sell their catches.


There is a tangle of wayns, palanquins, and foot traffic in the square. In the center of the square stands a cracked and headless statue of a dead triarch. The Merchant's House inn is located on Fishermonger's Square.

There is cod, sailfish, sardines, barrels of mussels and clams for sale in the square. There are eels hanging along the front of one stall. Another stall displays a gigantic turtle, strung up by its legs on iron chains, heavy as a horse. Inside casks of brine and seaweed are crabs. Quentyn Martell sees several vendors frying chunks of fish with onions and beets, or selling peppery fish stew out of small iron kettles.[1]

The square can also be busy at night.

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

When Quentyn Martell and his two companions return from the docks, heading back to the Merchant's House, Quentyn sees that the fishmongers are out in strength, crying the morning catch. Quentyn understood one word in two at best, but he did not need to know the words to know the fish. He also sees some dwarfs putting on a show. The little men are done up in wooden armour, miniature knights preparing for a joust. Quentyn sees one mount a dog, as the other hops onto a pig.[1]

While chained to a wall in a room in the Merchant's House Tyrion sees that one of the room's two windows opens on Fishermonger’s Square below.[2] Tyrion finds he can see out by leaning sideways and letting the iron ring support his weight.[2] Even though the hour is late he sees the square is crowded with sailors roistering, whores prowling for custom, and merchants going about their business. He sees a red priestess scurrying past, attended by a dozen acolytes with torches. Elsewhere he notices a pair of cyvasse players waging war outside a tavern with a slave standing beside their table, holding a lantern over the board. Tyrion also hears a woman singing with strange words, the tune is soft and sad. Closer to hand, he sees a crowd gathering around a pair of jugglers throwing flaming torches at each other.[2]


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