Garmund Hightower

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House Hightower.png
Garmund Hightower
House Hightower.png
Allegiance House Hightower
Culture Reach
Spouse Princess Rhaena Targaryen
Book(s) The World of Ice & Fire (appendix)
Fire & Blood (mentioned)

Garmund Hightower was a member of House Hightower during the reign of King Aegon III Targaryen.[1]


Garmund was the third son of Lord Ormund Hightower and his first wife, who died in childbed at some point. He had two elder brothers, Lyonel and Martyn, and a sister, Bethany. During the Dance of the Dragons, his father married again to Samantha Tarly, known as "Lady Sam," who would later marry his brother Lyonel.[1]

Garmund served as a page to House Tyrell at Highgarden during the Dance. Archmaester Gyldayn believes that Lord Lyonel accepted Lord Corlys Velaryon's peace terms because of the end to Tyrell neutrality when Aegon III became king, as Garmund could have lost his life for the Hightowers defying the peace terms.[1]

Garmund married Princess Rhaena Targaryen, and had six daughters by her.[2]


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