Order of the Green Hand

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Order of the Green Hand
House Gardener.svg
The sigil of House Gardener
Symbol A green hand
Type Knightly order
Region Reach
Allegiance Kings of the Reach
Current Leader None
Founder House Gardener
Disbanded Around 2 BC

The Order of the Green Hand was a knightly order found in the Kingdom of the Reach.


The order was founded by House Gardener, the Kings of the Reach, whose sigil was a green hand. Only the most virtuous and skilled in arms were offered membership after proving themselves in tourneys of love and beauty held at Highgarden.[1]

The last members of the order died with King Mern IX Gardener at the Field of Fire during the Aegon's Conquest,[1] but their traditions are still recalled in the Reach, which is now ruled by House Tyrell.[1] Additionally, knights from House Manderly in the north still claim membership in the order, as the Manderlys had been exiled from the Reach centuries before the Conquest.[2]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

At the Merman's Court in White Harbor, Lord Wyman Manderly is introduced with Knight of the Order of the Green Hand as one of his many titles.[2]


The greatest champions, men as pure and honorable and virtuous as they were skilled at arms, were honored with invitations to join the Order of the Green Hand.[1]

—writings of Yandel


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