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Born Westeros[3]

Oswell Kettleblack, called Oswell[4] and Kettleblack,[2] is a member of House Kettleblack.[1] A grizzled man-at-arms in the service of Lord Petyr Baelish, he is the father of Ser Osmund, Osfryd, and Osney.[2]


Oswell is an old man, tall and gangling.[4] He has a windburnt face, crooked teeth, and huge knuckled hands.[1] Oswell has long white hair and a hooked nose;[4] his sons share his nose and smile.[1]

Oswell is stronger than he looks and has a fierce voice.[4] His speech sounds lowborn.[1]


Oswell has been in the service of Lord Petyr Baelish for a long time.[5]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

After King Joffrey I Baratheon dies at his own wedding feast, a cowled Oswell waits for Ser Dontos Hollard and Sansa Stark on a small skiff on the Blackwater Rush. Oswell rows them to the Merling King in Blackwater Bay, where Lord Petyr Baelish and Ser Lothor Brune await. Once Sansa and Oswell board the galley, Petyr has his men murder Dontos.[4]

Merling King sails to the Vale of Arryn. When they arrive at the Fingers, Oswell and Lothor row Sansa and Petyr ashore. Sansa eventually recognizes Oswell as a Kettleblack. Petyr reveals that when he learned Bronn was seeking hired swords, he advised Oswell to send his sons Osmund, Osfryd, and Osney to King's Landing.[1] Ser Lancel Lannister hired the brothers to serve Queen Cersei Lannister, while Bronn secretly paid the brothers on behalf of Tyrion Lannister.[6] Neither Cersei or Tyrion were aware of the Kettleblack connection to Petyr, however.[1]

A Feast for Crows

When Lord Nestor Royce arrives at the Eyrie, Petyr has Oswell escort Nestor's retinue to the Lower Hall.[5] Petyr confirms that Oswell is aware of Sansa's identity.[5]

At the Gates of the Moon, Petyr tells Sansa that Oswell has heard interesting news from the crew of the Merling King, which has returned to Gulltown[7] after sailing to Braavos.[1]

A Dance with Dragons

Penny mentions to Tyrion Lannister that she and her brother Oppo had been hired in Pentos by a man whose name was something like Osmund or Oswald.[8] Petyr then had the dwarf siblings joust during Joffrey's wedding feast in order to antagonize Tyrion.[4]

Quotes by Oswell

Sansa: I never saw Oswell before I got into his boat, I'm certain.

Oswell: No, but m'lady might of met my three sons.

Sansa: Kettleblack! You're a Kettleblack![1]

Sansa Stark and Oswell

Quotes about Oswell

Sansa: Oswell ... my lord, Oswell rowed me from King's Landing the night that I escaped. He must know who I am.
Petyr: If he's half as clever as a sheep pellet, you would think so. Ser Lothor knows as well. But Oswell has been in my service a long time, and Brune is close-mouthed by nature. Kettleblack watches Brune for me, and Brune watches Kettleblack.[5]