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Lothor Brune
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Alias Lothor Apple-Eater[1]
Culture Crownlands
Born Crackclaw Point[2]
Personal arms A bearpaw, brown on white, beneath three apple cores red, green, and red, on a golden chief
(Argent, a bear's paw brunâtre, on a chief or, an apple-core vert between two apple-cores gules)

Lothor Brune is a freerider. He is related to the Brunes of Brownhollow in the Crackclaw Point region of the crownlands.

Appearance and Character

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Lothor is a small man[3] with a stocky build[4] and a square jaw.[5] He has a squashed nose and a mat of woolly grey hair.[4][5] Lothor has a rough voice but speaks seldom.[4]

Sansa Stark thinks that Lothor is not handsome, but also not ugly,[5] and she thinks he is stronger than he appears.[4] Sansa considers Lothor to be honest, and Petyr Baelish deems him to be loyal.[5]

Lothor wears patched brown breeches and scuffed boots with a cracked, water-stained leather jerkin.[4] He has drab armor[6] and dented plate without device.[3] Lothor wields a sword[7] and a knife.[4]


Lothor is of low birth and is a distant, poorer cousin to House Brune. After his father's death, Lothor went to the Brunes of Brownhollow in an attempt to form a family bond, but they said he was no kin of theirs. He also states that he learned what he knows of arms the hard way.[5]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Lothor takes part in the Hand's tourney in King's Landing as a freerider. He defeats Jory Cassel on a judgment by King Robert I Baratheon, ties with Ser Aron Santagar, and finally loses to Ser Robar Royce.[6]

A Clash of Kings

Lothor by TheMico ©

Lothor is in the lists for the tourney on King Joffrey's name day. However, as his opponent, Ser Dontos Hollard, is too drunk to ride his horse, their tilt is called off.[3]

Lothor fights on behalf of Joffrey during the Battle of the Blackwater, cutting his way through House Fossoway men-at-arms to capture Ser Jon Fossoway and kill Ser Bryan and Ser Edwyd Fossoway, earning him the nickname "Lothor Apple-Eater"' as the Fossoway sigil is an apple. For his efforts in the battle, Lothor is awarded his knighthood and is to be granted land and a keep in the riverlands at the end of the War of the Five Kings.[1]

Lothor reassumes the House Brune arms differenced by the addition of his own achievement vis-à-vis the Fossoways.[8]

A Storm of Swords

Ser Lothor enters the service of Lord Petyr Baelish, the master of coin.[9]

Taking orders from Petyr, Lothor commands the crossbowmen on Merling King who kill Ser Dontos Hollard to keep the secret of Sansa Stark's departure from the Red Keep amid the Purple Wedding.[10]

Lothor and Oswell Kettleblack row Petyr and Sansa to the shore when Merling King arrives at the Fingers. Following the marriage of Lysa Arryn and Petyr at the Baelish keep, Lothor protects Sansa, now under the alias "Alayne Stone", from the unwanted advances of the singer Marillion.[4]

Upon his arrival at the Eyrie, Lord Baelish dismisses the captain of the House Arryn guards, Ser Marwyn Belmore, and names Lothor as his replacement.[11]

A Feast for Crows

To prevent Lord Robert Arryn from climbing into her bed, Sansa asks Lothor to lock the boy in his room.[12] When Robert has a shaking fit and slips from the Eyrie's weirwood throne, Lothor catches the young lord. The spasming Robert accidentally kicks Lothor in the face while being restrained.[12]

During the parley with the Lords Declarant, Ser Lothor stands at the door of Petyr's solar. When Ser Lyn Corbray draws Lady Forlorn, Lothor goes for his own sword. Before anything can happen, however, Lyn is convinced by the other Lords Declarant to put down his famed blade.[7]

Lord Robert is reluctant to leave the Eyrie when it is time to descend to the Gates of the Moon. After the boy tosses his chamber pot at Maester Colemon, Lothor seeks out Sansa for help in coaxing the boy from his bed.[5] Lothor helps Mord load supplies in the winch room, and Ossy helps the knight descend the Giant's Lance.[5]

Sansa thinks Lothor fancies Mya Stone, the bastard daughter of the late King Robert Baratheon, noticing that Lothor always smiles when he speaks of Mya. Myranda Royce is skeptical of Lothor's prospects with Mya, however.[5]

Quotes by Lothor

Lothor: Singer, best go, if you want to sing again.

Marillion: Find your own wench— You cut me!

Lothor: I'll do worse, if you don't go.[4]

—Lothor and Marillion

Quotes about Lothor

Sansa: Oswell ... my lord, Oswell rowed me from King's Landing the night that I escaped. He must know who I am.
Petyr: If he's half as clever as a sheep pellet, you would think so. Ser Lothor knows as well. But Oswell has been in my service a long time, and Brune is close-mouthed by nature. Kettleblack watches Brune for me, and Brune watches Kettleblack.[12]

It is a common face but an honest one.[5]

—thoughts of Sansa Stark

Sober, he was a quiet man, but a strong one. And Petyr says he's loyal. He trusts him as much as he trusts anyone.[5]

—thoughts of Sansa Stark

Myranda: Lothor Brune? Does she know? He has no hope, poor man. My father's tried to make a match for Mya, but she'll have none of them. She is half mule, that one.

Sansa: Do you think Ser Lothor likes her as she is, in mail and leather? Or does he dream of her draped in silks and velvets?

Myranda: He's a man. He dreams of her naked.[5]


Preceded by Captain of the guards
300 AC–present
Served under: Robert Arryn