A Feast for Crows-Chapter 10

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Sansa I
A Feast for Crows chapter
POV Sansa Stark
Place the Eyrie
Page 145 UK HC (Other versions)
Chapter chronology (All)
Sansa VII
A Storm of Swords
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Alayne I


Marillion is singing day and night. Because his cell is open, his songs can be heard throughout the castle. Although Marillion has a beautiful voice, Sansa does not like the sound of his singing. She asks Petyr if he cannot silence the singer. Littlefinger explains to Sansa that they need Marillion. With some persuasion, Marillion has confessed to the murder of Lysa. In return for his confession, Littlefinger has spared his life and his voice. Petyr tells Sansa that she has to corroborate Marillion's confession. Sansa knows that Marillion did not murder Lysa and therefore hesitates. She has no pity for the singer as he has tried to rape her, but she is afraid that people will see through her lies.

The next day Nestor Royce and his son arrive at the Eyrie to investigate the murder of Lysa Arryn. Although she is afraid, Sansa tells the Royces that Marillion killed Lysa Arryn. Her fright and tears only make her more convincing. Then Marillion is led in. He confesses that he killed his mistress because he could not bear the thought of seeing her married to Petyr. The Royces never liked Marillion and don’t question his confession. They agree that Marillion will be confined to the sky cells. Eventually he will fall or jump to his death.

Nestor then informs Petyr that his cousin is gathering other lords to have Petyr removed as Lord Protector of the Vale. Littlefinger already knows this and is unfazed. As a reward for his services, he presents Nestor with a grant that makes him and his descendents hereditary Lords of the Gates of the Moon. The Gates of the Moon are a secondary castle that has always been in the possession of the main Arryn line. Nestor has been appointed castellan but now acquires the castle in his own right. According to Petyr, Lysa had already decided to give the castle to Nestor but was murdered before she could sign the order. When Nestor Royce and his son leave, Littlefinger explains to Sansa that the Royces will now be on his side. If Petyr is removed as Lord Protector, the grant for the castle will be challenged because it was signed by Petyr and not by little Robert.

That night when Sansa goes to sleep, Robert creeps into her bed as he has been doing since his mother died. He asks Sansa if she is his mother now. Sansa says yes because she knows this lie will soothe him.

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