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House Rogare
Region Lys
Ancestral Weapon Truth

House Rogare was a wealthy banking family from Lys of Valyrian descent and features. They were affiliated with the Rogare Bank. It is unknown if descendants still live in the Free City.


The Rogare family from the Free City of Lys was once closely tied to the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. Lady Larra Rogare was the wife of Prince Viserys Targaryen and her uncle Drazenko was the consort of Aliandra Martell, Princess of Dorne.[1]

For some years after the Targaryen civil war known as the Dance of the Dragons, the Rogare Bank rivaled the Iron Bank of Braavos in size[2] and the family became heavily involved in Westerosi court intrigues during the Lyseni Spring.[3] Although the Rogares at the Red Keep were apparently guilty of some crimes, their rivals in King's Landing blamed them for many more. Lord Thaddeus Rowan was tortured in an attempt to find evidence against the Rogares, and Ser Marston Waters, the Hand of the King to Aegon III Targaryen, sent men to capture Larra after arresting her brothers. Aegon and Viserys refused to surrender Larra, however, and the case against the Rogares collapsed.[2] Larra left the court at King's Landing after she grew homesick[4] and returned to Lys in 139 AC.[5]

Larra's father, Lysandro the Magnificent, proclaimed himself First Magister for Life, but the Rogares began to weaken when he and Drazenko died with a day of each other. Rival magisters resented Lysandro's heir, the ambitious Lysaro Rogare, who was scourged to death at the Temple of Trade. Lysaro's siblings were not executed, however, and Moredo Rogare, carrier of the Valyrian steel sword Truth, once led a campaign against Lys.[1]

Historical Rogares


Aliandra Martell
Viserys II
Aegon IV
House Targaryen


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