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Night's Watch.svgStonesnakeNight's Watch.svg
Stonesnake by Rick Sardinha © Fantasy Flight Games

Allegiance Night's Watch
Culture Westeros
Born 250253 AC[1]

Stonesnake is a veteran ranger of the Night's Watch stationed at the Shadow Tower.[3]

Appearance and Character

Stonesnake is a short and wiry man, near fifty with a grey beard.[4] He is stronger than he looks, and has the best night-eyes of anyone Jon has ever known. Stonesnake is regarded as one of the best climbers of the Night's Watch by Qhorin Halfhand.[5]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Stonesnake is part of the one-hundred men reinforcements from the Shadow Tower to arrive at the Fist of the First Men.[6] He is chosen by Qhorin Halfhand alongside Ebben, Squire Dalbridge and Jon Snow to scout the Skirling Pass to search for wildlings.[6]

Stonesnake leads the mission to scale the Skirling Pass at night to ambush a trio of wildling watchers, where along with Jon, he kills two of the sentries.[4] He expresses distrust in Ygritte and later informs Qhorin of what she told Jon.[5]

After the death of Dalbridge, Stonesnake's horse panicks at the sight of a shadowcat and breaks its leg. Stonesnake is then ordered by Qhorin to make best possible speed afoot to the Fist of the First Men.[7]

A Storm of Swords

Stonesnake is lost in the Skirling Pass.[8][9][10] When Mance Rayder asks Rattleshirt for his scouting report, the latter confirms that three of the four other rangers in Jon's squad are dead while the fourth climbed up a mountain, out of reach and in terrain too rough for them to follow him.[11]

Stonesnake is remembered by Jon when he watches Jarl and his raiders climb the Wall, whose appearances remind him of the sinewy ranger. Jon recalls Stonesnake is still afoot and unaccounted for.[12]

Quotes by Stonesnake

The mountain is your mother. Cling to her, press your face up against her teats, and she won't drop you.[4]

—Stonesnake to Jon Snow

Quotes about Stonesnake

If any man in the Night's Watch can make it through the Frostfangs alone and afoot, it is you, brother.[7]

Qhorin Halfhand to Stonesnake