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The Widow of the Waterfront, by Marc Fishman©

  • The widow of the waterfront
  • Vogarro's whore
Culture Volantene
Spouse Vogarro
Book A Dance with Dragons (appears)

The widow of the waterfront is a very old businesswoman and former bedslave, who runs several docks, piers, and shipping lanes in a section of western Volantis. Her late husband was the triarch Vogarro. The Old Blood of eastern Volantis refer to her as Vogarro's whore, though not to her face.[1]

Appearance and Character

The elderly widow has wrinkled skin, a bent spine, and a hump on her back. She has white hair, so thin that the pink of her scalp shows through. Her eyes are bright and black. There are faint and faded scars on her cheek under her right eye, from where her slave tattoos of tears were cut away after she was freed. She has a soft and sinister voice, and speaks the Common Tongue with only a trace of accent.[1]

The widow's customary table at the Merchant's House is a sign of her intelligence, as it has solid stone behind her, a leafy alcove to one side for easy entrances and exits, a perfect view of the inn's front door, but is within enough shadow that she is nearly invisible.[1]


The widow of the waterfront was once a pleasure slave taught the way of the seven sighs in Yunkai. She was purchased by Vogarro, a Triarch of Volantis. Vogarro fell in love with her, causing a great scandal, and an even greater scandal when he freed her and married her.[1]

Vogarro owned piers, storehouses, brokered cargoes, changed money, and insured shipowners against the hazards of the sea. When he died in 268 AC, his widow took over his business. She had to sell his manse, because no freedman may live within the Black Wall in eastern Volantis, regardless of wealth. She took up residence at the Merchant's House west of the Rhoyne, and set up her business in its common room.[1]

Her bodyguards are known as the widow's sons. Every petitioner must bring her a gift.[1]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

The widow meets with Ser Jorah Mormont, who seeks passage in a ship, to take him and Tyrion Lannister to Meereen to meet Daenerys Targaryen. Initially reluctant due to Jorah's attitude, she relents after Tyrion speaks honestly about his intentions, and after he is attacked by Penny. The widow tells them to take the Selaesori Qhoran, which is leaving for Qarth in two days. She reveals that Benerro, High Priest of the Red Temple of Volantis, has had a fire vision that the ship will not make it to its ultimate destination.[1]

The widow touches the scar on her cheek, and asks them to give Daenerys a message on behalf of all the slaves in Volantis:

Tell her we are waiting. Tell her to come soon.[1]