Battle at Stonebridge

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Battle of Stonebridge
Marc Simonetti March of nine thousand poor fellows.jpg
The Battle at Stonebridge, as depicted by Marc Simonetti in The World of Ice and Fire
Conflict Faith Militant uprising
Place Stonebridge
Iron Throne Poor Fellows
Lord Meadows of Grassy Vale[1] Wat the Hewer[1]
Unknown 9000 Poor Fellows[1]

The battle at Stonebridge was one of the many battles against the Faith Militant during the Faith Militant uprising.


According to semi-canon sources, the Poor Fellows were nine thousand strong, and led by Wat the Hewer.[1] While crossing the Mander, they were caught between six lordly armies.[1] The Poor Fellows fell and died in droves during the conflict. The sheer brutality of the carnage made the Mander run red with blood for twenty leagues, resulting in the bridge and castle that commanded it forever after being known as Bitterbridge.[2] Wat managed to kill Lord Meadows, the commander of the King's army, but was taken alive himself, and delivered to King's Landing in chains.[1]


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