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Bearded Priests of Norvos

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The Bearded Priests are a militant order from the city Free City of Norvos.


The free city Norvos is home to a militant order of bearded priests. Like in the rest of the Free Cities, unwanted boys can be sold by Norvoshi families to the bearded priests.[1]. The bearded priests seem to favour the longaxe and train their diciples in its use. By sixteen, those trained by the bearded priests, "wed their axes", swearing vows which are said to be simple for the simple men who swear them: "Serve. Obey. Protect." They are branded across their chest with a brand shaped like an axe to remind them to keep their longaxes sharp.[1]

Men trained by the bearded priests might wear heavy horsehair capes and studded leather tunics, along with iron halfhelms crested by iron spikes[1]

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