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Ghost Hill

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Dorne and the location of Ghost Hill
Dorne and the location of Ghost Hill
Ghost Hill
Dorne and the location of Ghost Hill

Ghost Hill is the seat of House Toland in Dorne. It lies on the southern shore of the Sea of Dorne, near the Broken Arm.[1] The castle has chalk-white walls that shine against the deep blue of the Sea of Dorne.

Recent Events

The Winds of Winter

Princess Arianne Martell departs Sunspear on a mission from her father, Doran Martell, to discover the truth about the supposed Aegon Targaryen. She leaves with several companions. During the journey they arrive at Ghost Hill. Arianne and her knights sup with Lady Nymella Toland and her daughters in the great hall of the castle. They depart via ship for the Stormlands.[2]

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