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For the tree, see ironwood.
Dorne and the location of Yronwood
Dorne and the location of Yronwood
Dorne and the location of Yronwood

Yronwood is the seat of House Yronwood in northern Dorne.


Located in the foothills of the Red Mountains,[1] Yronwood is located along the Sea of Dorne near the mouth of a river whose source is to the west near Skyreach.[2] The formidable castle sits at the southern end of the Boneway as a guardian against intruders.[3]

The land protected by the castle is fertile and forested, with deposits of iron, tin, and silver.[1] Yronwood has clean and sweet mountain air,[4] and the high meadows north of the castle have crisp air and cool nights.[5]


During the First Dornish War, King Aegon I Targaryen led a brief siege of Yronwood. The castle was defended by old men, boys, and women, however, as the fighting men had fled according to the strategy of Meria Martell, Princess of Dorne.[6]

Prince Quentyn Martell has been fostered at Yronwood by Lord Anders Yronwood from a young age.[7] Quentyn was smitten with Ynys Yronwood when he first arrived at the castle, but the girl eventually wed Ryon Allyrion. Ynys's younger sister Gwyneth is interested in the prince, however.[5] Cletus Yronwood became Quentyn's closest friend.[5]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Lord Anders Yronwood feasts Ser Balon Swann for a fortnight at Yronwood during the Kingsguard's journey from King's Landing to Sunspear.[8]


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