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Dorne and the location of Sandstone
Dorne and the location of Sandstone
Dorne and the location of Sandstone

Sandstone is the seat of House Qorgyle. It lies west of the Hellholt and the Brimstone in the western desert of Dorne.[1]


Knights of House Qorgyle leading the charge - by Tomasz Jedruszek © Fantasy Flight Games

Sandstone was founded during the coming of the Andals to Dorne. The Qorgyles were Andal adventurers who fortified the only well around for fifty leagues in the deep dunes.[2]

The Qorgyles attacked the foraging parties of Lord Harlan Tyrell during the First Dornish War. Sandstone was burned in 9 AC by King Aegon I Targaryen and Queen Visenya Targaryen.[3]

In the aftermath of the conquest of Dorne by King Daeron I Targaryen, it was rumored that Lord Qorgyle arranged the murder by scorpion of Lord Lyonel Tyrell at Sandstone.[4]

Prince Oberyn Martell was fostered at Sandstone in his youth.[5]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Princess Arianne Martell expects that Sandstone will aid her in her plot to crown Princess Myrcella Baratheon as queen. The conspiracy falters at the Greenblood, however.[5]


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