Horton Redfort

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House Redfort.svg Lord
Horton Redfort
House Redfort.svg
Title Lord of Redfort[1]
Culture Valemen
Born Redfort[2]
Spouse Three wives[1]

Horton Redfort is the Lord of Redfort and the head of House Redfort. He has been married three times and has four sons: Ser Jasper, Ser Creighton, Ser Jon, and Mychel.[1]

Appearance and Character

Horton is a short, old man with a well-kept beard, grey hair, and mild eyes.[3] He is polite.[3]


Dacks was a squire for a Redfort, presumably Lord Horton, when Robert Baratheon and Eddard Stark were wards of Lord Jon Arryn at the Eyrie.[4]

Domeric Bolton squired for three years for Horton[5] before returning to the Dreadfort. Lord Redfort apparently had a high opinion of Domeric, thinking the lad had the making of a tourney champion. Domeric had enjoyed the company of Horton's sons and came to regard them with brotherly affection.[6]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Ser Kevan Lannister believes that Lord Horton, a possible suitor for the widowed Lady Lysa Arryn, is a dangerous and proud man in his own way.[7]

A Feast for Crows

Horton is one of the lords who joins with Lord Yohn Royce at Runestone[8] to try and depose Petyr Baelish, Lord Protector of the Vale.[9]

When the Lords Declarant come to parley with Petyr, Horton ascends to the Eyrie in the basket because he is too old to make the climb. Horton suggests that Petyr departs for the war-torn riverlands, as Petyr is also the new Lord Paramount of the Trident, but Littlefinger declines. Horton gently cautions Ser Lyn Corbray when the knight threatens Ser Lothor Brune with Lady Forlorn.[3] Petyr convinces the Lords Declarant to give him a year to settle the Vale of Arryn, but he privately tells Sansa Stark that the elderly Horton and Lady Anya Waynwood may be dead in a year.[3]

Horton forces his youngest son, the newly-knighted Ser Mychel, to marry Ysilla Royce, the daughter of Bronze Yohn.[10]